Layton massage “bust” was commonly known within media

In all the attacks from other media organizations aimed at Sun News for running the Jack Layton massage parlour story (see here) a very interesting detail has emerged about how well-known this incident already was in Ottawa.

So far, I have seen 2 journalists and 1 connected Liberal insider admit to have been “leaked” the details going back years.

Warren Kinsella:

“In Toronto, and amongst many political people, this story has been pretty well-known for years. Someone came to me about it two years ago. I looked at what they had, thought about it for about sixty seconds, and then urged this person to forget all about it.”

In a very good read, Kinsella explains the details and his disgust with Layton (see here).

National Post’s Jonathan Kay:

“For those who care, someone tried to shop me the Layton-massage story 2 yrs ago (without docs). It was a Liberal fixer”

In additional Tweets, Kay explains that he couldn’t verify nor track down the cop’s notebook through a FOI request so then dropped the story.

Macleans’ Andrew Coyne:

“Actually, somebody did tell me a couple of months ago this was floating around”

Coyne’s only reason for not pursuing this story is that he believed it to be beneath contempt for any journalist to report on it.

So, just how many news organizations knew about Layton getting caught naked at a known hooker establishment and either ignored or spiked the story?

Update: Just ran across these Tweets from Kay

“Interestingly, the October 10 2008 Liberal Access-to-Information request includes alleged massage visits in 2003”

“Lib muckracker gave me PDF copy of Lib lawyer’s Oct. 10, 2008 Access-to-Information request into “Operation Rubdown”. Still have it”

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