Liberal MP hid $4,500 booze bill racked up by staffer

You’ll get a kick out of Liberal Glen Pearson’s reason for hiding by paying a big hospitality expense uncovered by iPolitics discovered a difference between Pearson’s MP and staff expenses.

He says he did it because he didn’t want to “embarrass Parliament”:

“I just don’t want people thinking that this goes on all the time on Parliament Hill because it doesn’t”

Not only was there an unpaid $4,500 liquor bill but after passing it along for an “investigation” by Speaker Liberal MP Peter Milliken and the Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers, a further $20,000 unapproved travel expense turned up.

So, here we have a MP quickly paying off a huge bill illegally expensed out by one of his employees and 2 Parliament officials who decide not to bring in the RCMP in an obvious case of theft caught sweeping it all under the carpet.

Just don’t look for any MPs to look into this as they are all quite happy to have us taxpayers unaware of their crooked little games. (see here)

Also: See earlier posts on how MPs covered up the rental scam of 3 Liberals here

Liberals deny shopping Layton massage “bust” to media in ’08

Curious statement from Liberal spokesman Mac Roy in the Montreal Gazette responding to Jonathan Kay saying he was approached by a Liberal operative (see here) with the Jack Layton massage parlour story:

“We had nothing to do with the Sun story. I was the official spokesperson in 2008. We had nothing to do with this then, either.”

Which is a direct contradiction to what Kay is saying:

“I was shown a copy of a Liberal Party lawyer’s Access To Information request seeking details of the massage bust – and I have retained that ATI request in my files” Kay wouldn’t say who the lawyer is, saying he promised the person his or her name wouldn’t come out. (see here)

Guess Kay should cough up the operative’s name now that the Liberals are calling him a liar.

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