Air India suspect suing CBC’s Milewski

CBC’s Terry Milewski’s mud-slinging article (see here) which was intended to damage Conservative Wai Young, has provoked a lawsuit from Ripudaman Singh Malik against Milewski, claiming defamation (see here).

Curious who pays the legal fees for Milewski? Do we as taxpayers pick up his lawyer’s tab?

Liberal Rae must believe his 41% win is tainted also

Liberal MP Bob Rae had this to say to the CBC about the Conservative’s majority victory:

“There is a simple and difficult fact and that is that 40 per cent of the Canadian people … have voted for Mr. (Stephen) Harper, 60 per cent have not” (see here)

Guessing that he wasn’t asked about the legitimacy of the Liberal majorities under Chretien (’93-41%, ’97-38% and ’00-40%) nor his own win last night?

Iggy resigns and shows he’s still clueless

Michael Ignatieff, after last night saying he will stay on to help rebuild the Liberal Party that he helped destroy, will now step down. In his press conference, Iggy put on full display his stunning ego and lack of any evidence of a lesson learned:

“I think the surest guarantee for the Liberal Party’s future is four years of Conservative government and four years of NDP opposition”

Not a word about how the Liberals have to stop pretending that governing Canada is their right. (see here)

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