Iggy resigns and shows he’s still clueless

Michael Ignatieff, after last night saying he will stay on to help rebuild the Liberal Party that he helped destroy, will now step down. In his press conference, Iggy put on full display his stunning ego and lack of any evidence of a lesson learned:

“I think the surest guarantee for the Liberal Party’s future is four years of Conservative government and four years of NDP opposition”

Not a word about how the Liberals have to stop pretending that governing Canada is their right. (see here)


17 Responses to “Iggy resigns and shows he’s still clueless”

  1. skuleman Says:

    Yes, the arrogance was palpable.

  2. Luke Says:

    I could stare at that map all day. I was so overjoyed I could barely sleep last night.

    Its barely surprising to hear that kind of arrogance from Ignatieff. Oh well. Dead career walking…

  3. Garfield Says:

    Where’s Nelson Muntz when we really need him?
    Haw Haw!

  4. Edmund Onward James Says:

    Ig was suggested that there were everal reasons for the demise rather than agreeing with reporter he had to state that the election was called because of the contempt of the parliamentary process. Arrogant before and after.

  5. Paul Says:

    Clueless and classless to the end.

  6. antfrm Says:

    amazing how this overeducated dolt, cannot fathom how the electorate saw through the MSM and Lieberal spin, and even yet, none of his overheated rhetoric will have any effect whatsoever – he has been our greatest gift, and is so beautiful, as we watch him hammer that wooden stake into his own, and his party’s heart

  7. beacher1 Says:

    Yesterday was just a great day, as a driver for Chris Alexander we were so busy as as the day went on we knew we had the riding with the amount of driving we were doing….as a wrote on this blog a time ago, a CPC majority is great and Mark Holland losing the riding would be gravy and boy does that gravy taste great today!!! Congrats everyone!! I know this has nothing to do with the post about Iggy but hey what the hell!!!!

  8. SusannR Says:

    Ah we slept like babies last night.

  9. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    Mmmm I like that map. Orange & blue are complementary colours ya know.

  10. platty Says:

    “Mark Holland losing the riding would be gravy and boy does that gravy taste great today!!!”

    That special comes with desert, tonight we have a very special offering for all Canadians, Marlene Jennings a la “Get the Hell out!!” Sweeeet!


  11. Gabby in QC Says:

    Jack Layton, Bob Rae and Elizabeth May are showing themselves to be just as clueless, the three of them bringing up AGAIN the stupid argument that 60% of people did not vote for PM Harper.

    As I wrote elsewhere earlier … Elizabeth May won only 46% of the vote in Saanich-Gulf Islands, which means 54% did not vote for her.

    Rae won only 41% of the vote in Toronto Centre, which means 59% did not vote for him.

    The only one of the three who got an absolute majority is Layton himself, who in 2008 got only about 45% in his own riding, whereas this time around he got over 60%.

    But all those who use that ridiculous argument of “only X% voted for Harper” should accept the reality that’s how our system has worked since our history began. So get with the program!

    Also, could a real journalist — Brian Lilley? Daniel Proussalidis? — please point that out to Rae and May to their face next time they scrum those MPs?

    • BC Blue Says:

      I was thinking about doing a post on Chretien’s election being illegitimate according to Rae et al and I like your analogy as well

    • Cranky or Just a Crank Says:

      I just did a little research and a grand total of six times out of forty-one Parliaments has a garnered over 50% of the popular vote. And one of those was during WWI and another was during WWII.

      Everything is fine when the rules worked in their favour, but if they are on the short end of the stick then everything is illegitimate and an affront to democracy. What ********.

  12. billg Says:

    Let it go boys and girls…its really not that important anymore. Voters see through that kind of crap and its time to move on.

  13. Ontario girl Says:

    Ignatieff still ragging the attack ads did him in. No Iggy..you did yourself in. “Rise Up” is pure straight jacket material. Canadians do not like you. They chose mean, nasty, hidden agenda(according to the biased media) PM Harper. Canadians held YOU in “Contempt”.

  14. Joseph Says:

    The next few months will be crucial to watch and see if the libs can revive their party and if the NDP can demonstrate they are a government in waiting. Add to this the scenario of the vote subsidy being cut and it makes the parties work for their support.
    There is also a rift still in the LPC between left and right, but now the bone of contention being talk of merging with the NDP.
    Jack and his caucus may want to do this more than the libs do (you can bet Mulclair will be working the halls of the HoC to rally support).
    We shall see.

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