Liberal Rae must believe his 41% win is tainted also

Liberal MP Bob Rae had this to say to the CBC about the Conservative’s majority victory:

“There is a simple and difficult fact and that is that 40 per cent of the Canadian people … have voted for Mr. (Stephen) Harper, 60 per cent have not” (see here)

Guessing that he wasn’t asked about the legitimacy of the Liberal majorities under Chretien (’93-41%, ’97-38% and ’00-40%) nor his own win last night?


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  1. Gabby in QC Says:

    O/T but for those interested in the PM’s May 3 presser … available on CPAC here:

  2. antfrm Says:

    and this is why all the spinning Lieberals, Rae, Brison, Goodale, and their illegitimate independant spawn May etal, must resign their seats immediately, or be branded as the hypocrites they are – will their whining never stop ? – and will the MSM give May the same air time as all the other single independants elected in the past ? – or will those same biased microphones follow her even more ?

  3. Eric Says:

    That’s pretty rich coming from Bob Rae. In 1990, he was glad to form a majority NDP government in Ontario with 37.6 % of the popular vote. After the unexpected results were in on election night, he said “‘Maybe a summer election wasn’t a bad idea after all”. What a hypocrite.

  4. Ontario girl Says:

    Maybe someone should of told Bob Rae that 81% didn’t vote for Liberals and 69% didn’t vote NDP…The total seats for the Liberals, NDP, block and green only add up to 141 seats….the Conservatives have 167. Conservatives are the winners and the coalition are the losers once again. Sour grapes??

  5. James Walker Says:

    Bob Rae won only 40.9% of the votes in his riding this election, does he feel he deserves to be an MP ?

  6. Anne in swON Says:

    Thanks, Eric, I’d forgotten that little tidbit.

  7. Fay Says:

    Liberal Gloria Galloway spouting the same nonsense on CTV newsnet just now.Very sad faces on CTV political panel discussion.

  8. Ed Says:

    In Quebec, they refuse to forget about adscam, and keep rejecting the Liberals. In Ontario the people refuse to forget about Rae days, and wouldn’t give Layton a chance to repeat on a national level what Rae did to the province. In the west they refuse to forget about the NEP and keep electing tories. Last night Harper won because Canadians have finally learned it’s the Liberals who were scary, something our western friends knew all along.
    And Layton. Well it’s downhill from here. When Canadians finally meet Layton’s in absentia candidates from Quebec, they’ll find the new MP’s are nothing but a ragtag bunch, many of whom will be uncontrollable. It appears many of them never even had their pictures taken for the campaign.
    The universe is unfolding as it should isn’t it.
    Go Harper.

  9. Ed Says:

    Pride goeth before the fall.

  10. GW Says:

    So that means Diefenbaker and Mulroney are the only legit PM’s we’ve had in recent times?

  11. antfrm Says:

    puzzling how the Liberals continue to beat every dead horse they come across – once it was the missing wafer, then the tape recorder left in a washroom (when it should have been the $20 billion bailout of the car industry), then it was the Afghan detainees, then Helena Guergis, then the democratic deficit, then the contempt of parliament, and countless stops in between, culminating in “rise up” – do these people ever realize that no one is listening ?

  12. Dirk Gibson Says:

    The whole Quebec thing was nothing but a Block Harper movement that went bad. A week into the election Quebecers realized by voting Bloc they actually had their cards off the table and the Conservatives could go right around them. Their plan of dropping everything and voting NDP to block Harper sounded good on paper, but they weren’t smart enough to realize that the threat of a possible “Prime Minister Jiggy-Jack” would get even Liberals voting Blue just to stop it.

    As it turns out, their move actually gave Harper his majority and got rid of the Liberals and Bloc in one fell swoop. Now they are left whining about poor representation of the Conservatives in Quebec. Well, who’s fault is that? We didn’t make you vote in waitresses and 19 year old students.

  13. real conservative Says:

    Anyone who thinks the Liberals are going anywhere fast with Rae at the helm, probably think that Iggy is the victim in his own free fall.

  14. Stan Says:

    Ask these fools how often the liberals have won an election with 50% of the vote.
    Not once.
    Dief got 51% and Mulroney got 50% even, but the libs have never done it.

  15. Oxygentax Says:

    When I discussed with one of my clients the point that Mr. Mulroney was the last to get 50%, it was scoffed at because he didn’t get more than 50%. The last Prime Minister to get MORE than 50% was Dief. The Liberals haven’t received more than 50% since St. Laurent in ’53, and it only happened 5 elections before that for the Liberals, most of them in wartime.

    7/41 times the Liberals had a majority of the vote, and none of those since the early 50s.

    9/41 times the Conservatives had a majority of the vote, and 2 of those since the early 50s.

  16. beacher1 Says:

    Bob Who? and why do I care about this 3rd party member of the old boys backroom

  17. Bec Says:

    Bob Rae must have that proverbial dark cloud hanging over his head.
    Leaves his lifetime NDP party to become a Liberal and poof, they turn to dust. Omens are not to be ignored if Bob’s around..

  18. Blame Crash Says:

    I’m not going to complain about this because it really is the same old guff from the same old goofs whose ridiculousness contributed to the brand new guv.

    The beauty of this is that they just can’t see the obvious.

  19. Cranky or Just a Crank Says:

    I have pointed it out elsewhere, but of the 41 Parliaments in Canadian history a total of six have seen the winning party take over 50%, and two of those elections were during WWI and WWII.

    It is by far the norm for a government not to win the popular vote. All this talk of the government having no mandate is pure bull****.

  20. bmatkin Says:

    Bob Rae is the poster child of why the once great Liberal Party is now in shambles.
    How do you have a centrist party full of ex-NDPers?
    I’m curious to see what the actual Liberal insiders do with the party now, it will indeed be enlightening. My guess is they will do more of the same until the party disappears forever.

  21. Patsplace Says:

    Rae is a Liberal slime-ball of the highest order. He should have stood beside Iggy and said “Don’t elect an NDP government, it will destroy the country. I know, I ran an NDP government and wiped out Ontario.”

    That would have taken balls and honour. Rae has neither. Too bad he didn’t lose his seat.

  22. Bruce from Cambridge Says:

    I’m so sick and tired of the media treating Bob Rae like he is some kind of elder statesman – he is a failed former premier and nothing more – he was a disaster in Ontario and he should just shut his piehole and go retire somewhere

  23. Martin Says:

    Seeing the po faced Bob Rae last night, I commented that his dream of becoming a major player in federal politics had just ended. He looked all of his age last night, and the thought that Liberals would once again turn to a saviour, who will lead them back to the glory days is just absurd.
    Whtever this man says now should be paid the complete inattention it deserves. If the bloc hadn’t completely collapsed Liberals would be the fourth placed party.

  24. ohboy Says:

    Socialists are whiney children when they can’t have more than their share…and half of everyone else’s.

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