Harper traps NDP on Parliament date muse

It is going to be one very rough ride for the NDP in their new role as Official Opposition as just 2 days after the election, 3 issues have already defined them as rank amateurs.

1) Hiding their “Vegas” MP from public view declaring that they don’t know where she is and to make matters even worse, her nomination papers have false signatures on it

2) Thomas Muclair who is supposed to be their leader in waiting stupidly wades into the Bin Laden photo issue saying he doesn’t think it exists contradicting the NDP’s hero, US President Barack Obama

3) Harper lures them with saying that he wishes to open Parliament “soon” and they take the bait telling everyone that they are not ready yet and all their talk about democracy and accountability is BS:

NDP Whip Yvon Godin – “I think it’s too early. The House is not on fire there.”

Maybe if only one of these gaffes had occurred it could have left an opportunity for their friendly Ottawa Press buddies to sweep it under the carpet but nothing can save the impression now that the NDP aren’t even close to being ready for prime time.

Macleans’ Wherry feels so very bad for Lib Pearson losing

Aaron Wherry posts part of Liberal Glen Pearson’s whine about losing making sure to include the part where Pearson blames Conservative dirty tricks for his loss. (see here)

Wherry doesn’t bother including the expense theft by Pearson’s staffer which was subsequently covered up (see here) as that might be one of the very good reasons as to why the voters in his riding were sick and tired of him.

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