Video: Sun’s Levant exposes crying Press at Iggy’s retirement

On today’s segment of the Sun News program The Source, Ezra Levant shone the light on some very sad Ottawa Press Gallery members at Iggy’s retirement announcement Tuesday morning.

Leading the charge was the Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt who cried while hugging Liberal campaign manager Peter Donolo and admits to crying after Iggy’s speech stating many other reporters were in tears as well. (see here)

Election Canada Returning Officer filled in NDP’s Vegas candidate’s name on nomination papers

In a stunning revelation, Returning Officer Jean Provencher has admitted to adding NDP candidate Ruth Ellen Brosseau’s name to her nomination papers after they were already signed by people in the riding (this is a Google translation):

“On some pages, it was, on others it was not, I wrote [the name] on the top sheet. People have found that the name was not on some leaves. People have accessed the document and saw what it was. On some leaves, I put my name after the fact, for us not to mix the leaves. It is important to have good leaves for good candidates.” (see here)

There is a lot of blame to spread around on the issue of ghost candidates but we should start with what the heck is going on at Elections Canada.

Update: The Liberal candidate has filed a challenge due to the RO filling out Brosseau’s name on the form saying it invalidates 90 signatures (see here)

Those who can, do and those who can’t, teach

It sure didn’t take long for Iggy to land softly at the taxpayers expense.

It took just hours after announcing his political retirement (Iggy said he was staying-on the night before to rebuild the party he destroyed) for him to be offered a cushy job at the U of T’s Massey College which is given as a reward to failed politicians.

Oh, to be so lucky to have Iggy tell you as a paying student how great he is:

 “Without blowing my horn too much, there’s not too many people who have been full-scale academics and who’ve also been the leader of a political party. It’s a special experience.”

“And there’s some things you learn when you’ve done it, and it’s just not in the books. I did it. I’ve lived it. And I know what’s in the books isn’t what it’s like. Everybody who’s done it knows that it’s really different – and you want to tell [students] that, not to discourage them from public service but to get them to commit, and take the risks involved.”

“I’m very keen on using the time I’ve got to get people into the game.”

Yup, that’s exactly what is so very needed in Canadian politics, Iggy disciples. (see here)

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