Asinine Christy Clark/Stephen Harper comparison from BC media

You couldn’t find two more diverse politicians than Liberal premier Christy Clark and PM Stephen Harper. Intelligence, leadership and articulation are just a few traits which span the vast difference in quality between these two.

Comparing the two is next to impossible in just about every conceivable way but some in the BC media are trying with Clark’s unwillingness to debate in her by-election.

Clark, or I should say her handlers, have handed a gem to her political opponents with the bizarre and inexcusable tactic of avoiding all public venues where she could be questions by other party’s candidates. It’s a dumb strategy as she can’t avoid these questions in the next general election when the public will be much more interested and the stakes way higher.

Instead of just focusing on what Clark is doing, some in the BC media are linking this to the Conservative’s tactic of running a tight scripted campaign (see here).

What Michael Smyth doesn’t mention in that ridiculously titled column “Clark adopts Harper’s spineless strategy” is that Clark has a very friendly media here in BC which has covered up for her and has run fawning stories at every opportunity.

The best example of this so far is from Clark’s friend, ex-CTV co-anchor (with Pamela Martin who joined Clark’s team) and current CKNW radio host Bill Good who had the audacity to “debate” the NDP candidate on air from a list of questions sent to him by Liberal MLA John Les (see here). The Liberals then used the answers in Clark’s campaign literature to bash the NDP.

Mike Smyth himself has been used as a pawn by the Liberals when he called NDP leader Adrian Dix a “dour Stalinist” which the Liberals are now repeating. Memo to Smyth, Stalin was a mass murderer and using him in relation to anyone is extremely despicable.

I’m not going after Smyth as one of these fawning BC media as he along with the Globe’s Gary Mason (see here) have been the only two who actually do any reporting on Clark’s record but Smyth diminishes himself when he lamely equates Clark with Harper.

Harper has an attacking media pack while Clark only has buddies, Liberal supporters and those looking for a cushy government PR job.

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