The ego that is CBC’s Rick Mercer

Comedian Rick Mercer’s shtick is playing a self-deprecating aw-shucks kinda guy who stumbles along laughing at himself in his ineptness but the real Mercer is a someone who really thinks he is a political somebody. Mercer is a CBC clown with a very left-wing bent pushing his ideological bias by being the cool 40-year-old uncle to a bunch of college kids.

Cases in point:

– He garners himself mass news headlines during the election by offering to moderate a debate between Ignatieff and Harper. How is it possible for him to think he has any qualifications for the moderator’s position?

– He pretends to be overwhelmed by the job of writing a column for Macleans which further tries to legitimise him as a journalist by paying his travelling costs with the party leaders on their campaign tours. Somehow Macleans thinks Mercer’s lame Tweets and musings from the campaign trail adds to the public discourse.

– He organizes “vote-mobs” in the effort to engage young voters. And when one of these goes off the rail at Guelph, he blames Election Canada for not making the rules transparent for his easily swayed followers to understand taking no responsibility for not reading the Elections Act himself.

– He goes on BBC International to explain to the World how the Canadian election unfolded. This is by far the biggest example of Mercer’s massive Id. Accepting something like this is more than collecting another taxpayer-funded appearance fee. With it comes a huge responsibility and if Mercer had even an ounce of the character he plays on TV in him, he would have turned down the offer.

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