NDP’s Vegas MP saga continues with false bio claim

The Quebec riding’s constituents of Ruth Ellen Brosseau finally heard from her today, 8 days after the election. Laughingly, this first contact was by auto-phone in halting French (see here).

The NDP did finally take an updated picture and posted it to her bio but the bad news is that she has been found to have embellished this same bio by claiming a diploma she doesn’t have.

“…has a diploma in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Lawrence College in Kingston.”

St. Lawrence College VP of student and external affairs:

“We can confirm that Ruth Ellen Brosseau is not a graduate of St. Lawrence College” (see here)

And the hits keep on coming as the Liberals have filed an official complaint over the validity of the signatures on her nomination form (see here).

Just imagine what it will be like when she finally surfaces and has to answer for herself in front of the microphones and cameras.

Update: The NDP have quickly put the blame on a “staffer” who inadvertently changed the wording”.

CBC’s Radio Canada host apologizes for conservative slur

On his blog, Eric Duhaime notes that Radio Canada’s Corridors of Power host, Daniel Lessard has apologized for saying on election night that:

“There is no great cultural culture, if you pardon the expression, among conservatives. These are people who listen to American television in particular. “

This was then followed by:

“My comments were inappropriate and unacceptable. I sincerely apologize” 

This is another case of someone in the media looking down their nose at us conservatives. We are just wannabe stereotypical vulgar Americans to the refined people such as Lessard.

It’s not the worse thing a journalist has said about us but I sure am getting tired of hearing people call us names especially those who we help pay their salaries. (see here)

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