If BC Conservatives had run a candidate, Christy Clark loses badly

Liberal premier Christy Clark won her by-election in a 301 vote squeaker and she can thank the BC Conservatives for her embarrassingly thin win. If they had run a fence post in this election, she would have lost and with that, her barely held current grip of power on the Liberal Party.

But before the Conservative faithful get all riled up about the decision to not run a candidate against a premier in a by-election, ask yourself if would you want to face Christy Clark and all her BC Rail and federal Liberal baggage or the possibility of a new Liberal leader who actually knows what they are doing?

I’ll take Christy any day.

Also: This is the press release from BC Conservative leader John Cummins on Clark’s victory

For Immediate Release

John Cummins congratulates Christy Clark on Victory

VANCOUVER, May 11, 2011 – John Cummins, leader designate of the B.C. Conservatives, extends his congratulations to Christy Clark following her victory in Vancouver-Point Grey’s by-election.

“The Premier should have a seat in the legislature; which is why the B.C. Conservatives did not run a candidate in the riding,” said Mr. Cummins.”I look forward to squaring off with Ms. Clark in the next general election.”

Sun News live-stream now available

For those without access to the Sun TV network due to it being unavailable in your area or because of the Bell spat, you can now get it on-line here.

How long does it take to sentence a Liberal in this country?

The joke-of-a-trial for ex-Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne that stretched out 4 years is once again being extended, this time with his sentencing. Meanwhile Lavigne had been collecting his $133,000 salary + expenses even though he was barred from the Senate and he will be allowed to keep his $101,000 a year public pension regardless of his conviction.

Lavigne was charged in 2007 and finally found guilty of defrauding taxpayers in March and now the judge has delayed his sentencing until June 16 after hearing a plea from his lawyer for community service (oh, the irony).

Lavigne had this to say about his trial back in March “I knew I would not get a fair and just trial” and now wonders why he has been singled out as the only politician caught embezzling money to be threatened with jail:

“I don’t deserve this”

Only a Liberal could believe that. (see here)

Liberal carbon credit scam finally getting some media attention

It’s been frustrating here in BC watching the media give the ludicrous legislated law that forces schools and hospitals to buy carbon credits a free pass.

The problem here in BC is that the school districts and hospital boards are filled with Liberal, Green and NDP hacks who love the idea of carbon taxes so they never complain to the media about giving away our money even when delivering a crappier health and school system is the result.

Even while these complicit hospital and school boards are cutting jobs and services, they must still give taxpayers’ money away to be “carbon neutral”. So far, it’s been up to guys like Adrian MacNair to expose this massive scam (see here) but finally the MSM has started to notice and report on it as well.

I wrote Lorrie Goldstein from the Toronto Sun yesterday thanking him for writing the first opinion piece (see here) I have run across condemning this stupidity and was happy to see the Victoria Times columnist Paul Wilcocks trash on it today (see here).

It sure is nice to have a couple of days like these when one’s faith in the media is restored a bit.

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