BC Conservative leader Cummins dead-in-the-water over homosexuality as choice comment?

The new BC Conservative leader John Cummins may have just brought an abrupt halt to him moving his party from the fringe into the mainstream with his comments about sexual orientation to a radio station yesterday:

“I’m not a scientist [but] some of the research tells me that there’s more of an indication that that’s a choice issue” (see here)

The people around Cummins have to stand up to this right now and tell him that this type of dinosaur thinking has no place within the BC Conservative Party and that he should make an appointment with a gay and lesbian organization so that he can hear first hand why his views are archaic, then apologize.

Video: More from the NDP’s best and brightest

The new NDP MP from McGill University, 21 year old Laurin Lui admitted that she was told of her election win from a friend who texted her:

 “My friend … texted me and sent me a text message saying, ‘you won’ and then their were, like, kind of exclamation marks following that and all in caps. So that was actually how I found out.”

Silly me… I’d have thought a MP candidate would maybe having been actually watching the election results herself?

Time for new minister in charge of CBC

Sun News went after Conservative MP James Moore for his staunch defence of the CBC with 2 eviscerating segments.

The first was from Brian Lilley’s Byline where he delves into a Tweet from a CBC manager pushing to keep Moore as minister. The Sun tracks down this manager for clarification and gets the phone hung up on them by her (see here)

The second is from Ezra Levant’s The Source who flat-out calls for another minister of Heritage be named and says that the CBC is “laughing at” Moore as their “house pet” (see here).

And anyone who disagrees with Levant needs to be reminded that the 2011 defeated budget included an increase of $400M in funding to the CBC.

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