$100,000 donor fall-out over BC Con leader Cummins’ “gay being choice” comment

BC Conservative leader John Cummins’ personal opinions on sexual orientation (see here) have quickly bitten the party in the pocket-book.

I have confirmed earlier today that a very prominent former BC Liberal had arranged for his family and two other families to provide the BC Cons with almost $100,000 in donations for the pre-campaign and campaign period. That commitment has now been withdrawn until Cummins is replaced.

This source told me:

“It was just as much about what he said as the fact he said it. It shows very bad judgement. Abortion and gay issues are not on the provincial agenda. People are sick of politicians putting their personal beliefs before the public’s needs. Bill VanderZalm learned that lesson the hard way.”

This to show those that share Cummins’ opinion on gayness, what can be the effect of having a leader espousing non-policy personal beliefs when you are trying to build a main-stream party as an alternative to the Liberals and NDP here in BC.

It’s political reality folks.

2 more NDP lottery-winning MPs still MIA

QMI Agency discovers 2 other now NDP Quebec MPs (who never campaigned a minute in their ridings) who are still undercover hidden by the NDP.

NDP MP Sana Hassainia in the riding of Verchères-Les Patriotes:

 ‘”She never set foot here, there were no campaign signs, nothing,” said Marie-Eve Martel, a local reporter for L’Information.

“We have tried over and over to reach her through the NDP’s press secretary, but even him had trouble reaching her.”

Matthew Dube was also hard to track down in his riding of Chambly-Borduas:

“We never succeeded to talk to him or see him and God knows we tried many times,” reporter Vincent Guilbeault of L’Oeil Régional said.’

Not too worry though as Smilin’ Jack’s press secretary says that “they will be available pretty soon” (see here)

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