BC Conservative leader Cummins apologizes for “gay choice” comment

Colour me impressed with BC Conservative leader John Cummins on apologizing for his earlier comment about sexual orientation being a choice.

“My comments on CFAX radio this past Wednesday may have been misinterpreted and may have offended some. I apologize for that. To clarify, my use of the word “choice” was unfortunate, because it confused the meaning of my statement, which was that I believe anyone can live their life in the way they want.”

The discussion “is best left to experts and researchers, not politicians.” (see here)

I couldn’t be happier with Cummins for making this statement and look forward to working with him on building a credible, main-stream alternative to the Liberals and NDP here in BC.

2 ex-Con MPs now full-time Liberals under Christy Clark

Stockwell Day and Jay Hill have now dropped all pretence of their former principled selves as a Reformer and Canadian Alliance leader to become Christy Clark Liberals.

Both Hill and Day attended the BC Liberal convention and were singled out for personal praise from Clark who introduced them to the crowd which then gave them a standing ovation.

From The Victoria Times:

“They will also be keeping an eye on their former colleague John Cummins. He is the new leader-designate of the B.C. Conservative party, which could split some votes.” (see here)

From the Province:

“She also went out of her way to hype the presence of two former federal Conservative MPs at the convention: Jay Hill and Stockwell Day (whom she warmly referred to as “Stock.”)”

“It’s all part of Clark’s strategy to stop the upstart B.C. Conservative Party from draining B.C. Liberal support” (see here)

How anyone who once proudly called themselves Conservatives can jump into bed with the corruption that is the BC Liberal Party especially now led by a hard-core federal Liberal like Clark is beyond comprehension unless ones integrity come with a price tag.

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