Big Liberal donors behind change-of-heart on Tourism board’s HST stance

Whenever you hear about support for the HST here in BC, Liberal tentacles are never far behind the source.

Public Eye Online sheds a little light on the back-room boys behind Tourism Vancouver’s complete about-face of its HST stance.

Chair James Terry just happens to be VP of Rocky Mountaineer whose owner, Peter Armstrong, has donated $265,000 to the Liberals since public records have been available in 2005.

Gordon Campbell’s chief-of-staff Martyn Brown was asked about Peter Armstrong’s involvement in the BC Rail scandal during the corruption trial of Liberals Basi and Virk (see here)

Also on the Tourism board are Opus Hotel GM Nicholas Gandossi whose boss, John Evans has also donated to the Liberals to the tune of $84,000 as well as Dennis Skulsky, the President of the BC Lions which has given them $41,000. (see here)

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NDP MP doesn’t want to talk about his Communist candidacy

It more than kind of ironic that newly elected NDP MP Mathieu Ravignat doesn’t want the media to focus on his admitted misspent youth running for the Communist Party:

“When you’re young, you explore things. When you’re an undergrad, you feel politicized.

So, according to Ravignat, we shouldn’t be taking his college attending peers seriously as they are only exploring socialism by being in the NDP and that they will become much more serious later in life. (see here)

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