Desperate for $1,952 cash, Greens rape-joke PR nightmare

Even under the rules and legal precedent not-withstanding, why on Earth would the Green Party make any effort to collect the $2,952 in public subsidy from the candidacy of Alan Saldanha who withdrew from the election after posting the dumb “if rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” as his favourite quote on his Facebook profile?

The damage control after-thought of “donating” $1,000 of this rebate to a rape crisis centre doesn’t really come close to the headlines generated (see here).

I’m guessing this won’t be the last that we’ll hear from the granola brainiacs at Green HQ over the next 4 years though.

Some in media setting new competency standards for NDP

The NDP Party has gotten away with proverbial murder over the years with their nutty policies and asinine statements but not all in the MSM are prepared to give them a pass any longer.

Those in the Quebec media circles who are maybe unhappy that their Bloc buddies were swept out or are now embarrassed with the ghost candidates representing the province, aren’t playing around any longer.

At the press conference held by NDP MP Charlie Angus on “arts and culture” a couple of reporters showed their teeth:

 “Apart from introducing your caucus members. Why are you holding a press conference here this morning? Are you announcing something? Promising something? Are you worried about the majority you are facing? Do you think that you can have any kind of influence?”

“You are ill-prepared”

Ouch… (see here)

Not all is lost though as the NDP still has lots of friendly English faces in the Ottawa Press Gallery as the Globe’s Taber shows in her silly pro-women/anti-men post earlier:

“Vegas-vacationing New Democrat Ruth Ellen Brosseau, public opinion may be changing.”

“The pile-on over the young woman’s ability to serve in the Commons has turned off some Canadians – especially women – and there are many now who are rooting for her to succeed in a big way in the Commons.”

“Anecdotally, there are many women who believe that the 27-year-old former pub server and single mother’s presence in the Commons is refreshing. Finally there will be more than [enough?] middle-aged blue-suited professionally-trained men in the House. With the addition of Ms. Brosseau, the Commons will take a small step toward reflecting real life”

Ex-Liberal insider current Sun journo dishes dirt on Iggy

Mark Dunn now of the Sun’s Parliamentary Bureau has a very interesting column on how Iggy’s inner-circle took out Stephane Dion and helped destroy the Liberal Party.

Dunn lays out how this group, led by now party president Alfred Apps schemed and back-stabbed their way to power:

“The Toronto gang moved in and Apps was made president at the urging of the aloof professor. The road to this month’s historic calamity was paved”

“Most disturbing were the bloated egos, the power-hungry who put themselves before their party. It was already on life support after the Chretien-Martin feud, but these zealots wanted Dion gone even if it meant further destruction of an institution already in a death spiral”

Let the Liberal infighting games continue… (see here)

Update: Good news…Apps says he won’t resign so look for more battles and internal bloodshed from the Liberals

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