Harper names 2nd largest cabinet in Canadian history

Can someone please explain to me now that Harper has his much sought after majority, why 39 ministers were needed thus equalling Paul Martin and 1 less than Brian Mulroney for the largest cabinet ever?

While you are at it, define what these new “associate ministers'” roles are for besides creating bloat and blatant regional pacification.

Conservatives justified a lot of things while being in a minority and I’ll await the excuses for this from the party faithful that use to say they were for smaller government.

Corrected: I had Mulroney at 39 cabinet ministers when he actually had 40

Harper’s re-appointment of failed MP candidates to Senate sickening

PM Stephen Harper’s announcement of the “new” Senators Fabian Manning, Larry Smith and Josee Verner is one huge face slap to all of us who have been disgusted by Liberal and PC Senate patronage appointments of the past.

It was bad enough when Harper put these 3 in the Senate in the first place as a taxpayer paid holding-pool of Conservative MP candidates, but to re-appoint them after their election defeat is beyond disgraceful.

Also: Larry Smith when asked during election about returning to Senate:

“The condition for accepting the position in the Senate was I had to send my letter of resignation when I started campaigning” 

“So I have no place there and I have no expectation of returning there.”

Also: Fabian Manning March 28:

“I had a choice. I could have stayed in the Senate and gone on with a lifestyle that wouldn’t necessarily have me up every day working on behalf of the people. I chose not to”

Wikileaks: Chretien and his lie about Iraq War

Ex-Liberal PM Jean Chretien loves to tell his media friends and Liberal cronies that one of his greatest and most popular achievements was to keep Canada out of Iraq:

“For the independence of the country, saying no to the Americans on the war was a great moment for Canada” (see here)

Like so many of Chretien’s tales, this one is looks like a lie as well. There’s a memo showing Canada, with Chretien’s blessing, was prepared to secretly commit to a very substantial military involvement:

“for domestic political reasons … the GOC [Government of Canada] has decided not to join in a U.S. coalition of the willing. They are also prepared to be as helpful as possible in the military margins.”

Will those same Ottawa Press Gallery members who are always so keen to re-tell Chretien’s stories use their Liberal Party contacts to dig into this further or choose to ignore it, hoping that it goes away? (see here)

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