Rae pretending he’s doing Liberals a favour as interim leader

Bob Rae saw the writing on the wall that the Liberal Party back-room boys would rather have no leader than ever have him as their permanent one so he is “offering” his services as interim leader (see here).

Rae also knows that being a regular member of the 3rd party in Parliament would really suck for a guy with a socialist silver spoon stuck in his mouth and a massively over-sized ego. At least as interim leader there are some nice living and pay perks not to mention the friendly media always calling for comment and interviews. Rae’s little game of pretending to do the Liberal Party a favour is only another way for him to pamper himself.

If there is no way for him to take over the Liberals once a leadership race time-frame is established, watch for him to resign “for family reasons” taking his public pension with him to a cushy corporate or university gig.

Globe’s Taber at it again with anonymous Con MP quote

Jane Taber continues her gossipy practice of not naming her “insider” sources today with a very suspect complaint from a Conservative MP on Harper’s Senate appointments:

“Conservatives are not amused. One of Mr. Harper’s MPs suggested that the Prime Minister is no longer trying to kill the Liberal Party but has instead decided to become the Liberal Party. The MP said this was an abuse of his trust and support.”

Notice the word “suggested” used instead of the direct quote? It doesn’t get much more weasel-like than that. If Taber has a quote than she should print it but to give us her interpretation of this anonymous Con MP’s words is not even close to being proper journalism. (see here)

Update: Aaron “Cut-and-Paste” Wherry repeats Taber’s rumour-mongering here

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