NDP MPs won’t denounce support for Quebec separation

NDP MP Dany Morin:

“I’m not sovereigntist, but if there as a referendum, I don’t know what I would vote”

NDP MP Marie-Claude Morin:

“I think Quebec can flourish in Canada, but if Canada wants to work with Quebec… we have to consider the fact we have a different culture, a different identity. If there was a referendum tomorrow morning, we will see. The future will tell us”

It’s not good enough for NDP flunky Katherine Monk to say:

“The NDP is a federalist party. We all recognize that we’ve got to get past the old debates that assume that Quebec’s interests are different from those of the rest of the country. That’s just not the case.”

Smilin’ Jack has to tell these and others like them in his caucus that if they harbour separatist feelings then they should go sit with the Bloc and if he doesn’t have the stones to tell them that, then he should resign as a national leader and start up his Quebec-only party and stop pretending to represent Canada as a whole. (see here)

Liberal MPs don’t believe Rae is being truthful with interim leadership quest

Ahhh, the infighting fun is just getting started in Liberal Land over Bob Rae’s sooo self-sacrificing offer to lead them.

Rae won’t say he will not ever seek the permanent leadership using weasel words like this:

“the context within which I would accept the appointment as interim leader.”

and that is freaking out “many Liberals” according to Postmedia including 1 current MP:

“It gives one a completely unfair advantage compared to everybody else”

“I know what Rae is banking on: that a new executive elected in January at a biennial convention may want to lift that sort of impediment and that there will be such a groundswell of support for him so that to, you know, save the country, he’ll just have to run and they’ll beg him to run.”

Look for a lot more to come as there is no way that the Liberals will be putting this behind them any time soon. (see here)

Another NDP MP found with phony degree in bio


Jean-Francois Larose is the 2nd newly elected Quebec NDP MP who has been found to have padded his official party resume:

“He obtained three university certificates from University of Montreal in crisis management, violence in society and police management and security”

The University of Montreal spokesperson says that Larose didn’t get a degree and before the NDP try to explain this away as a staffer error like they did with Ruth Ellen Brosseau (see here), Larose claimed this same degree when he ran for mayor of a Montreal borough (see here).

Update: Big surprise… the NDP blamed another staffer who has been now apparently fired (see here).

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