Stockwell Day puts reputation on line backing corrupt Liberals

It’s one thing for Stockwell Day to push the phony and intellectually dishonest argument that if a person doesn’t support the BC Liberals, the “socialist hordes” AKA the NDP will sweep into power but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to go as far as he has by actively campaigning for Christy Clark.

Day is now putting his hard-fought for political resurrection after his disastrous stint as Canadian Alliance leader on the chopping block by so openly backing the corrupt BC Liberals.

Day has to have considered what it would do to his personal standing when the full extent of Christy Clark’s and others in the BC Liberal Party involvement in the BC Rail scandal comes to light? You have to imagine that he knows that anyone publicly involved like him will wear it as well, so you really have to wonder why he is investing himself to this degree.

So the question then is, what is his real motivation? Anyone care to hazard a guess?

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