Smilin’ Jack and his caucus “speech”

The NDP MPs had better not mind being used as a backdrop and a prop to their leader Jack Layton like he did today in what was laughingly labelled a caucus speech. Usually when someone gives a speech, the intended audience is not placed behind the speaker.

Smilin’ Jack was also given a pass on hiding his new MPs from the media by CTV’s Bob Fife who immediately after said it was perfectly understandable and acceptable for Layton to shield them. At the same time, there was Rosemary Barton on CBC giggling away explaining how the NDP wouldn’t let the Press near them.

How long will the 2 groups be content with allowing each of these things to continue?


Idiotic column compares Reform wave of MPs to NDP

When you read columns such as this (see here) from Gillian Steward in the Toronto Star, it makes you wonder how anyone could get a job writing about politics with such a lack of historical knowledge.

I won’t waste time or effort on this piece except to rhetorically ask Steward if any of those 52 Reform MPs elected in ’93:

1) didn’t speak the language of the people living in the riding they were running in?

2) vacationed in Vegas during the campaign?

3) had not campaigned for even one day?

4) had never been in the riding?

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