The best that Liberals could come up with on HST “fix”?

I’d sure like to hear what Liberal finance minister Kevin Falcon’s business buddies are saying about him right now after he just announced a corporate tax rate increase on the back-end of a smoke-and-mirrors HST rebate and decrease announcement.

Watching him trying to explain how a one-time $175 rebate cheque given to families with kids under the age of 18 even though those same families will incur at least an $800 increase in costs due to the HST was embarrassing. All he could do was repeat lame platitudes and of course avoid even mentioning why there was no rebate for the rest of us.

With both the NDP and Liberals now on the same page with less business friendly tax policies and a government so obviously willing to do anything to stay in power regardless, this will open up the door even wider for a centre-right mainstream party like the BC Conservatives to step through if they are smart and ready.

NDP’s Martin: “I choose civility. That’s the new me.”

NDP MP Pat Martin couldn’t even get through his “Opto Civitas” promotion press conference without personally insulting another MP:

“heard the words stability and John Baird used in the same sentence before.

This phony button handout from Martin is only an admission that his influence within the NDP caucus has diminished and that he is on a shorter leash now that the media spotlight is going to be more focused on NDP MPs.

There are a lot of us that will never forget who the real Pat Martin is no matter how many buttons he gives away (see here).

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