Layton already accusing Harper of having a “hidden agenda”

It sure didn’t take NDP leader Jack Layton long to throw out an accusation without any proof or backed up by reason against PM Stephen Harper. Layton is claiming Harper of having a nefarious reason behind the ministry name change from “Indian Affairs” to “Aboriginal Affairs”.

Harper’s reasoning was to make the name more inclusive, modern and accurate to represent the groups it encompasses. To me, it was a welcome no-brainer name change to reflect the 45% non-Indians under its umbrella but of course inside the native industry, there are those who will always see evil within the Conservatives and Layton gleefully plays along:

“We hear that there are different reactions to the name change within the broad community of First Nation, Inuit and Metis people. “It is mostly a suspicion that this could be hiding an agenda of some sort. We have from time to time, had suspicions that Mr. Harper is hiding one sort of agenda or other.”

No facts or reasons for these “suspicions” though from Smilin’ Jack, just him wallowing in the mud all the while saying he wants to bring decorum and civility to Parliament. (see here)

CBC won’t tell how much Andrew Coyne et al are being paid

Brian Lilley from Sun News keeps up the digging to find out where our $1.2B of taxpayers money is going at the CBC but ran into another snub finding out the price to bring political pundits on the At Issue Panel.

Besides the appearance fees, Lilley was looking for travel, accommodation, meals and hospitality costs of having the likes of Macleans’ Andrew Coyne get to Toronto each week for the 10 minute gig.

CBC is refusing to give out this info saying it “touches on their programming and journalism”. How taxpayers knowing the costs to have Coyne and the rest of the Panel brought in on the taxpayers’ dime to the studio each week instead of on video feed is somehow a journalistic issue, defies logic. The CBC is only stonewalling as they know expenses like these drive people nuts and are sure to prove embarrassing.

Maybe Lilley can just ask Coyne to give him his travel, hotel and dining details? Coyne wouldn’t mind helping out as he’s such a hater of government waste and mismanagement right? (see here)

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