Why is Bev Oda allowing CIDA to fund radical anti-Israeli groups?

Minister of International Co-operation Bev Oda has some explaining to do after Brian Lilley exposed (see here) how taxpayers are funding the group Alternatives which is using our money to outfit pro-Palestine flotilla ships.

Oda is either unaware that this has been going on for years or she is aware and has allowed it to go on. Neither answer looks good on her.

Ex-journo Rosemary Thompson and her political views as NAC spokesperson

Ezra Levant rightly ripped apart ex-CTV journalist Rosemary Thompson for her “official” statement denouncing the Geert Wilders’ event held at the National Arts Centre:

“Obviously the NAC does not agree with Mr. Wilders’s views”

Funny how quiet Thompson is when a front group for the Iranian Embassy is hosting a “cultural day” at the NAC (see here).

Obviously Thompson and the NAC is just fine with Iran’s human rights record, freedom of the press and terrorism support just not anyone critical of Islam.

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