Layton pretending he’s influencing Harper about Quebec


NDP leader Jack Layton’s delusions of grandeur were clearly on display again during an interview with CBC radio on the topic of additional seats for Quebec. Smilin’ Jack makes a bizarre leap from an election night chat with Harper to taking credit for the government’s “willingness to compromise on seat re-distribution”.

How Layton thinks “I said to Stephen Harper on election night, ‘Look, we now have most of the seats in Quebec, you don’t have very many” was in any way an agreement or understanding that Quebec deserves more seats than its population warrants, is truly stunning.

And when asked if he and Harper have had any conversations since, Layton said his party has heard from government sources that the Conservatives are:

“beginning to understand that perhaps an adjustment there might be necessary.”

There you go…Canada’s Official Opposition Leader quoting anonymous sources on an extremely serious constitutionally related issue and the CBC not calling him on it. (see here)

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