Liberal Christy Clark shows how clueless she is on Senate


When a politician has only a basic understanding of how the Canadian Constitution works and is only yipping half-baked/asinine thoughts, it would be best for them to be told by their handlers to keep their big mouths shut. Posing for media photo ops is more of their style and they should leave the real issues to those who actually have some knowledge on the subject.

Case in point today is Liberal premier Christy Clark musing about how it would be best to get rid of the Senate except for the darn Constitution thingy:

“It’s not the best of all the options. The best of the options is to abolish the senate, but it’s not a real option for this country because of the way constitutional reform works.”

This is pandering at its finest from a vapid provincial leader whose intellect on serious matters like Senate reform is about a 1/4″ deep. (see here)



2 Responses to “Liberal Christy Clark shows how clueless she is on Senate”

  1. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    How a supposedly serious political party could elect someone so obviously ditsy is something I will never understand.

  2. peterj Says:

    1/4 inch deep but a mile wide. Standard criteria for political purposes.

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