Christy Clark lied about BC Rail involvement and both CTV and Globe covered it up


Blogger Alex Tsakumis has uncovered that CTV’s Jim Beatty and the Globe and Mail’s Mark Hume’s declarations that Liberal premier Christy Clark was “exonerated” by the RCMP in her involvement with the BC Rail scandal was not only false but intentionally misleading:

“They (CTV) knew exactly what they were looking for and weren’t prepared to look at anything else. Same with the Globe. When it was pointed out to Beatty that he may want to take a second look at the information and that his story would be slanted if he didn’t, he smirked and just walked away. I’ve never seen a reporter more smug. I couldn’t believe all they were going to go on was untested evidentiary materials. Would he do that in a murder case? This was no different, in law, three men had their lives on the line. The defence materials remain untouched to this day. No one has asked for them and the Special Prosecutor and Madam Justice Mackenzie have made it increasingly impossible to acquire them.”

This is a serious allegation that if true, would question CTV’s and The Globe’s integrity and journalistic practices. I would hope that both these organizations would fully investigate to help ensure the public that their staff are not blatantly misleading their viewers and readers. (see here)


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  1. Dirt Says:

    If it’s true they should have their broadcasting license pulled because they lack ethical standards, and as for the urnalists he should be fired if the allegations are true.

  2. G.J.W. Says:

    Your politicians and the media, are in the position of trust. Gordon Campbell thieved the BCR and sold it. Campbell lied and told the BC people, he would not sell the BCR. However, that was just an election lie, to ensure he would win.

    Christy, he ex-husband and her brother were also involved in the crime. The media has chosen to be, the BC Liberals propaganda machines. They have lost all credibility. Do they think, we don’t see through their bias and their b.s.? The media has debased themselves, and earned the contempt, the people now have for them. The media are a disgrace to their professions.

  3. james Says:

    The sale of BC rail was a good move in itself. The issue is with how the process was corrupt and that corruption is clearly being covered up. I mean does anyone buy what they’re selling here?

  4. Another reason to feel sorry for us in BC due to media we have « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] of covering up the Christy Clark lie that she was exonerated by the RCMP in the BC Rail scandal (see here) but Global’s Keith Baldrey column is more what we deal with here […]

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