Liberal leader Rae caught leaking caucus secrets to US Embassy

The Liberals now have themselves a leader who has blabbed confidential Liberal Party information to foreign government officials.

From Wikileaks:

One June 16, 2009 cable – titled “Liberals begin to blink?” – describes a conversation that day between a counsellor at the embassy and Mr. Rae, then the party’s foreign affairs critic. According to the note, Mr. Rae was indicating Liberal MPs were not behind then-leader Michael Ignatieff’s recent election sabre-rattling.

Mr. Rae “admitted that, behind closed doors, the caucus had considerable reluctance to face the voters over the summer, but had been disinclined to try to overrule the relatively new leader,” the cable reads. “He claimed that Ignatieff had ‘made up his own mind’ on this brinkmanship approach without much, or perhaps any, internal consultations.”

Does anyone think Bob Rae would have been “elected” interim Liberal leader if this story had come out prior? And, if there was any doubt about the knives being out for Rae before, he had better be watching his back for sure now. (see here)


6 Responses to “Liberal leader Rae caught leaking caucus secrets to US Embassy”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Bob Rae will take the further left of the Liberals and merge them with the NDP.

    I’d be surprised if there still is a Liberal Party of Canada(natural ruling party) at years end.

    • Jen Says:

      The party in which BOB RAE was involved with prior to becoming a liberal, seem to be doing a better job that the liberals, so why not plant the liberals in the NDP for liberals added support.

      Bruce, Ray is cunning and before the liberals know it they are in the ndp caucus.

  2. Winston Says:

    Liberals are done as a party….

  3. igm Says:

    That’s cute. These “caucus secrets” discussed with a US Ambassador have you rankled, but when a Minister compromises actual state secrets and confidential documents, he gets benched for a period then put back in the game. I’m lookin’ at you Maxime Bernier.

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