NDP MP among list of Gaza boat “Honorary Endorsers”

Blogger Eye on a Crazy Planet caught the name of NDP MP Alex Atamanenko on a list of people supporting a Canadian ship looking to break the Israeli embargo of the Gaza.

It’s very interesting in that to become an endorser, the website asks you fill out a pledge stating:

“I endorse the Canadian boat to Gaza to end Israel’s illegal siege!”

That’s a pretty strong (not to mention wrong) statement for anyone to make especially if you are a Member of Parliament. Wonder what Smilin’ Jack will have to say about this?

Working my way through the rest of the list of “Honorary Endorsers”, a few more names stood out:

Judy Rebick – Hard core Leftie and “feminist” who co-founded rabble.ca and sits as a CAW Chair

Linda McQuaig – Toronto Star columnist

Tim Louis – Former Vancouver City councillor who lists disgraced ex-NDP MP and thief Svend Robinson endorsing his re-election bid

Murray Dobbin – Leftie nutbar who is the “political strategist” for the anti-Harper group Catch-22

Maher Arar – The guy Ezra Levant says “lied his way into $10.5 million of our tax dollars”

Amir Khadir – Quebec MLA who called the Royal family “parasites”

Kim Elliott – Is listed on the Who we are page of this group and is also the co-founder of rabble.ca and NDP MP Libby Davies’ partner. Davies was caught last June questioning the right of Israel to exist (see here)


BC Blue’s Monday morning tidbits

A sample of a few irritating columns and articles from today so far:

1) Another gossipy unsourced article about the Speaker vote from Jane Taber of the Globe and Mail:

“and already there is whispering in the Commons corridors about his age, his competence and his ability to keep the House from erupting into schoolyard antics”

2) Green’s May talking to municipalities about election donation rules. When did this become a federal issue? How about scrapping donations from foreign “environmental” groups like the Tides Foundation Liz? Until then, shhhh your mouth on issues that don’t concern you.

3) Note to Gerry Nichols: Stephen Harper isn’t leader of the Reform Party as it disappeared quite some time ago. Harper has the job of representing the entire spectrum of the Conservative Party…

4) 0-2 from Nichols today with what may be the dumbest idea ever to from a conservative regarding electoral financing rules. Nichols advocates uncapping personal donation limits.

5) As if BC Liberal premier Christy Clark doesn’t do enough photo-ops already, she’s making them up now by lighting the Olympic flame for the Vancouver Canucks and of course the media will dutifully trot along behind her for this lame unrelated PR stunt.

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