CBC’s Milewski says his job as reporter is to “sell ads”

First, it is bizarre that CBC’s Terry Milewski is doing an interview for a Globe and Mail piece but what’s even more astounding is his admissions of playing it up for the camera:

“People imagine that the CBC is this grand public service funded entirely by taxpayer dollars, but my job is to sell ads. You won’t catch me saying, certainly not on tape, that we at CBC have some grand mission to speak truth to power.”

“Our job as reporters is not to meekly accept whatever answer we’re given, but to challenge and provoke and press.”

There you have it from the horse’s mouth. (see here)

Also: See earlier post where Milewski accuses me of rooting for Air India suspect Malik here

13 Responses to “CBC’s Milewski says his job as reporter is to “sell ads””

  1. CanadianKimchi Says:

    Terry Milewski is a tool. Nothing else to be said. Privatize the CBC and let it do what it wants on its own dime.

  2. Hoarfrost Says:

    Well, he provokes me. He is an arrogant pissant by my direct observation at a small Harper rally during the last election. It is a good thing Harper can and did keep his cool against severe unwarranted provocation by Mr. Pissant.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    “sell ads”? I don’t think the rude, arrogant little man Milewski could sell anything. I’m not at all suprised that he doesen’t appear to know what his job is.
    His rudeness during the last election was uncalled for.
    If the CBC continues to send reporters to political rallys that
    can’t actr in a professional manner, it’s just one more reason to trim their bloated budget.

    • Jen Says:

      ‘If the CBC continues to send reporters to political rallys’

      BB, canadians will be prepared for them -not to mention….. take them(reporters) with a grain of salt.

  4. Jen Says:

    I notice that Milewski was rather subdued when he questioned/s the liberal and NDP. Libby Davies is a Hamas supporter yet he goes after Wai Young demanding answers from the tone of his questions.
    Many canadians may not have a degree in journalism which frankly is not required anymore since most journalists are off their mark. In truth, Canadians have developed an hindsight into the art of journalism and reporting where we are not fooled anymore.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Milewski has the earmarks of a person obsessed and possessed. He was off the rails, over the top like a mad man on a mission covering Stephen Harper during the election campaign, that speaks for itself.

    Anyone working for the CBC is working on the taxpayer dime and should be neutral when covering politics.

  6. bocanut Says:

    Like a junkie hooked on H long winded upper class twit Terry’s ego is now addicted to the oodles of attention received during the campaign.
    He can’t help making an ass of himself.
    Most times caring friends and relatives would organize an intervention but I doubt he could get two people together who care enough.

  7. real conservative Says:

    If these fools are supposed to bring forth the truth then why is it always socialistic? You would think that only they know the truth, above the rest of us, and that it is socialism. Sorry, but they are mistaken.

  8. James Says:

    Poor poor Terry. Sounds like he’s a little bitter after losing the election. I say to Terry… should have paid more attention in school, maybe you could have been a someone.

  9. Dureen Coade Says:

    I surely do not watch tv to see the ads. I want accurate reporting of events and news that we should know about in order to be better Canadians and protect our Country and its values.

    If Terry thinks we want to see ads, I want him to know that I switch
    channels when the ads come on and especially like it when commercials are not co-ordinated.

  10. Sixth Estate Says:

    That’s what all commercial media do to stay alive. He should have mentioned that CBC is an exception in that they also get heavily subsidized.

    That said, I wonder if he notices the gaping contradiction between the first and second paragraphs there.

  11. denis Says:

    I don’t even watch the CBC anymore. the news is so one-sided that I need to control my blodd pressure.

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