CBC tries to hide $52,000 Harvard course taken by VP


Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault has reported that the CBC paid for a 2 month course for their vice-president of the French language services, Sylvain Lafrance, taken at Harvard. This was after CBC had refused to release the file.

Now that we know the cost, maybe we can now find out what this course was on and why it was necessary for the taxpayers to send him to the US to attend? (see here)

Also: See earlier post on Lafrance’s high-priced travel and dining expenses here


16 Responses to “CBC tries to hide $52,000 Harvard course taken by VP”

  1. brad Says:

    my guess is to learn obamaisms. other than that, harvard is pretty useless.

  2. ohboy Says:

    Well well…the CBC plop thickens some mo(o)re.
    These parasitic people are in a class of their own at the top of the taxpayer (as host) feeding chain.

    I’m sure it can be done; but what eight week course could cost 52 thousand and to what benefit for the taxpayer?
    Let Hubert Lacroix squawk and sputter all he wants…right up to the Supreme Court…it’ll look good on the CBC and then maybe average joe taxpayer will get a whiff of what’s really going on behind closed doors.

    Just maybe enough to demand that a little fiscal transparency be implemented by the SC upon these jokers.

    Bring on the phoney outrage Hubert!

  3. Kind of Blue Says:

    If the CBC spent it on gazebos (while saying it was for security), would you have blogged about it?

    Nah, you’d all rather get up in arms about spending on EDUCATION.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Try following along more closely to what I blog about if you’re going to comment otherwise you’ll keep looking more than a little stupid.

      • Kind of Blue Says:

        You blog about the great horrors of entitlements, political correctness and the generally un-conservative.

        But it’s hypocrisy that escapes your aim. There’s no Reform in our current government. One entitlement has become another. We’ve replaced one set of liars with another.

        Sure, the CBC spend public money. But grousing about the cost of a course at Harvard? Isn’t that really a criticism of how much an elite, private university like Harvard charges? Perhaps if it cost that much it was valuable. But, no, no discussion of that. Nothing too challenging.

        For example, reports today that the government will raise user fees contradict weeks old comments from Minister Clement that user fees wouldn’t be raised. Will I read a post about how the Harper government lied? I don’t expect so. I’d like that.

        We need to spend more time understanding and addressing the challenges that face our country rather than lining up with one party or another and shouting at each other.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Governments don’t “lie”, people do and if you want to make a direct accusation then feel free to email that minister etc. Hiding behind anonymity and throwing out libel on a message board doesn’t make you look any better than your previous dumb comment did.

  4. Sean M Says:

    CBC execs and staffers entitled to “their” entitlements, and it’s none of taxpayers business how, or why they spend our money. More proof of the cess-pool of entitled corruption encrusted within the CBC mind set. How much taxpayer money is being sucked down the CBC money drain to pay for lawyers whose sole purpose is to make sure CBC and it;s execs are completely and utterly unaccountable. The CBC is a diseased corrupt propaganda beast staffed by Trudeauvian ideological nit-wits, which sadly includes Heritage Minister James Moore. Let the CBC beast die!!

  5. CBC Sucks ! Says:

    Probably paid for a course in Post Modern Transgendered Angry Feminist Grievance Mongering and Wasting Taxpayer’s Money.

    Harvard is full of that kind of crap and it would be attractive to a CBC type.

  6. dance...dance to the radio Says:

    Just finished listening to Breitbart’s Righteous Indignation.
    All seven and a half hours of it.
    Everything he has to say about the Media Complex in the States is directly transferable to Canada.
    It gives me hope that if we continue to dig and prod at the CBC we can turn public sentiment against them.

    If the CBC was a private corporation with a clearly stated editorial policy then I wouldn’t care as much.
    But they drape themselves in the flag, claim to be impartial and unbiased and give us all the finger with the crap that they broadcast.

    Two examples come to mind:

    Climategate breaks and I end up watching Diane Buckner and some expert from the climate change lobby soft pedal it as “nothing to see here people, move along.”
    Still waiting for Kady the scary fairy to get around to reading them.

    An obscure pastor burns a koran and mobs kill dozens of people in muslim countries.
    The reaction of the Newsworld anchor, I think it was Reshmi Nair, was not that the mobs were at fault, but the pastor was responsible because he had to know what would happen. In effect, he was the murderer.

    Having SunTV and Blogging Tories is not enough.
    And the money CBC wastes is not the number one issue.
    That Ignatieff getting booed at a hockey game was not front page news is.
    Especially when we all know if it had happened to Harper it would have been the lead story everywhere.
    Add in that it only became newsworthy when blogs like this made it impossible to ignore.

    Also, they had no trouble breaking Layton’s happy ending story and being vague enough to allow it to appear that the tories were behind it.

    That said, keep it up Dean.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Well said and thank you. I agree it’s not near enough but you can tell we are all starting to make a difference.

      That Iggy booing things is a great example of how Twitter and blogs are forcing the media to report things they wish to ignore. I still remember O’Malley’s comment about just waking up etc and not knowing about it as she wrote a crappy little post on it. As to Climategate, yes she ignored it but we have the ability now to continually throw it back at at her every time she does a document download on her CBC site.

      Milewski and the rest of these types of journos know we won’t let them get away with the crap that they use to in the past.

      • dance...dance to the radio Says:

        Milewski’s confession the other day that he’s a sensationalist shit disturber in search of ratings was revealing.
        He doesn’t see himself as a seeker of truth.
        His job is to get eyeballs watching.
        Fair enough.
        Except that he works for the CBC which claims to be something other than TMZ.

        I have an idea though.
        And I don’t know if it’s legally bulletproof.
        Could we start a web page that showcases things like Kady’s indifference to Climategate?
        Or Andrew Coyne’s Liberal endorsement?

        At work we have wiki’s that we use to keep current on our projects.
        Software bug? Put it on the wiki and everybody knows.

        Could we have a Canadian Media Wiki where we could compile a list of their positions?
        Instead of saying, ‘Hey Kady, about that Climategate thing and your latest document dump.’ in an ad hoc way, we could do that and point to the wiki so people would see what she did when that happened.

        It might take a little while, but the accumulated record of their actions might force them to moderate towards the truth or force them out of the business altogether if people just stopped listening to them.

        What do you think?

        • BC Blue Says:

          I think that if we can get conservative forum sites like Blue Canada up and really running, that’s where we can create the type of place you are eluding to. From there the creation of an equivalent rabble.ca could come from.

          The problem is that the Left is funded and we aren’t.

  7. MaryLS Says:

    Hard to say for sure what the course was, but a number of other “media types” were busy taking some 6 week course about unionism and how to strengthen it in hard times. (http://newsshift.blogspot.com/2011/03/hard-lessons-and-hope-at-harvard.html), So could it be the same course? If so, why should the taxpayer be footing the bill for this? Why not the union?

  8. dance...dance to the radio Says:

    “The problem is that the Left is funded and we aren’t.”

    I love this line you wrote.
    It’s not a problem.
    It’s their Achille’s Heel.

    I don’t know how far you strayed from your blog during the election but I saw a lot of their posters disappear once the money stopped after the election.
    We do this because we care.
    And they do this because they are paid to do it.

    They accused us of being paid shills for our party all during the heat of the election.
    Most of them are gone.
    They projected.
    They assumed that we were blogging or commenting because we were paid to do it.

    They can’t imagine that somebody could give a damn without being paid for it.
    In fact that is the main reason that I am so pleased with the last election.
    Ordinary people got online and fought the paid shills.
    And we won.

    Money is not the problem.
    We just have to ask for it and they will give it to us.

    Adam Carolla does it.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Good point and what I meant was it takes money to create websites that can get large enough to generate revenue in which to sustain itself and the contributors. The amount of time that I put into my little site all done for free is more than I’d care to admit lol.

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