CBC only publishes name of suspected war criminal after public helps catch him?


What the CBC is doing regarding their asinine phony policy on the 30 suspected war criminals hiding in Canada defies all logic.

The CBC refused to publish the names and pictures of those wanted by federal authorities and they re-stated this “policy” in the same article featuring one suspect picked up due to tips from the public (see here).

For comparison, check out this 2009 story here about a murder suspect sought by police in which the CBC had no issue publishing his name and photo.

Am I missing something here or did the CBC just swallow itself whole?


6 Responses to “CBC only publishes name of suspected war criminal after public helps catch him?”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    I am spitballin’ here but when ” suspects ” phrase is used perhaps the CBC head honchos get nervous.
    After all they had absolutely no problem printing the gossip about “possible atrocities, mistreated Afghan prisoners” that slagged our troops, now did they?
    There was a “host” of other non stories as well, pun intended.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. Kursk Says:

    Bubba, that’s because the CBC had no doubt in their collective, drone like mind that the allegations against the Canadian soldiers were true.

    It’s only news when it fits the leftist narrative apparently.

  3. Jen Says:

    First off- Thanks to the public for doing their part
    CBC reports after the fact but waste no time reporting on the conservatives.

    My guess is that CBC are afraid of the unknown. Even the opposition parties know how to use them which is not pretty to see. Sad and pathetic.

  4. Gary Says:

    Here’s another bias by the CBC .
    Do you remember when Svend Robinson was charged and convicted for stealing a $60’000.00 item and it was on a video to boot?
    Do you remember the allegations about domestic abuse by Rob Ford ?

    Hmmmmm….Svend was guilty and blamed it on Homophobia in canada and the CBC ate it up and portrayed his as the victim of Mental Illness and he’s exalted as a hero because Layton and the NDP let him run again in B.C. whith his Crimanal record.
    BUT…..the CBC ran with the allegations that Ford was guitly for assaulting his wife, then we saw how the whole thing was dropped by the Police for the emational issues his wife had and the lack on evidence. But did the CBC absolve Ford?, and how about the Leftist Feminsist that still claim that he MUST be gulity because the Police don’t arrest people and charge them iftey are NOT guily.
    The we have the Military Soldier charged with killing a Taliban POW while the CBC defend Omar Khadr because no one actually say Omar toss the grenade.
    Hmmmmm….but wait,no one said they saw the Soldier actually shoot the Taliban fighter and the CBC had mislead people by calling the Taliban a POW . So Khadr is touted as a Child-Soldier and not in an Army but should be granted the POW rights in the Geneva Convention during War, but a adult Taliban member dies in custody in the battle field from bleeding to death with no access to medical aid and somehow our Soldier is gulty of War-crimes by the CBC and others for the death when not one witness saw the shooting,and the victim is called a POW as if to endorse letting war victims bleed to death in pain when no Medics can give aid at that time.

    I know what, in the next big War the CBC exec’s and reporters can send THEIR children to die for my freedom….in fact, lets make it Law that Judges and Lawyers must send thier children first into a battle along with the chidlren of MP’s.
    Watch how fast the NDP goes mute on mass slaughter by muslim and African nations which they want us to go into
    to keep the peace.

  5. Sun News’ awesome slap-down of CBC’s O’Malley and Solomon « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] of Kady O’Malley and Evan Solomon for their desperate and ridiculous defence of CBC’s decision not to publish the names of suspected war […]

  6. stan Says:

    CBC had a kidnapping and abduction suspect’s name and picture on their TV coverage this morning.
    I don’t see it on the website.

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