Leave the Left to be hateful. There is no room for it at Blogging Tories

As Moose and Squirrel has pointed out with examples on her blog, the “progressives” can be extremely distasteful and consumed by a blinding hate.

We as conservatives and especially in the Blogging Tories circle should be very concerned with anything resembling satisfaction with a political adversary’s death such as Jack Layton’s today. There should be no patience or justifications for things such as this (see here) which taint what I consider “our” site.

I’ll repost the comment left by fellow Blogging Tory, Russ Campbell:

“On the day of a man’s death, one would think we could be charitable enough to avoid speaking badly of him, if only for the sake of his family and friends–I find nothing hypocritical about that.

I would think, also, that even among hard-nosed conservatives, we would have enough charity to say a kind word or too, or otherwise to shut up about the man.

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

And it isn’t “critical thinking” that we ask to be suspended, it’s lack of compassion.”


Same scientists who said global warming was wiping out caribou now say it’s great for birth rate


If you want an example of how the phony environmental movement sucks and blows at the same time and will unabashedly contradict itself, check out this article on the Canadian caribou from the Canadian Press here.

In it, the biologist Jan Adamczewski who 2 years ago was saying warming trends were decimating the herds is now saying caribou birth rates are sky-rocketing due to milder weather. Ummm…what? It’s like these “scientists” never studied herd animals’ cyclical populations back in Bio 101.

But don’t think that these eco-nuts will apologize and admit they were scare-mongering as there is always another cause available to secure funding:

“industrial development is nibbling away at their once-unimpeded range. Research to be presented at the conference suggests caribou avoid an area within a 14-kilometre radius of a mine or energy development”



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