NDP’s Layton donation scheme is illegal under Election Act

Elections Canada specifically condemns the scam (see here) set up by the NDP to “launder” the money people are donating to the Broadbent Institute via Jack Layton.

The Section 405.21 of the Election Act prohibits a political party from soliciting or accepting a contribution if it has told the contributor that the money would be transferred to a body other than the party, a candidate, a leadership contestant or electoral district association.

Funny how the NDP’s National Director Brad Lavinge, who had this to say yesterday about it:

“Our legal advice is that this is completely permissible under all the rules of governance, so we’re pleased to do it and to fulfill a wish of Jack’s”

is now MIA. (see here)

Update: CBC’s Kady O’Malley calls this “kerfuffle” “hideously unfortunate”. Funny way to describe breaking the law huh? (see here)

Update: The NDP are now suddenly changing how they are collecting these donations by redirecting them to a foundation although $130,000 has already gone through them illegally.

Check out Elizabeth Thompson’s editorializing to try to cover for this NDP scam:

“It all began innocently enough and with the best intentions.” (see here)

Update: Lavigne is now saying “that the lawyers examined only the legality of the party making a donation to the institute, not the tax credit mechanism.”

Lavigne has now completely contradicted what he said early about the lawyers signing off on his little donation scam. (see here)


23 Responses to “NDP’s Layton donation scheme is illegal under Election Act”

  1. robins111 Says:

    Scam,.. from the dippers… shocker..

  2. Darrell Symonds (@aka_Pooch) Says:

    I keep having this weird feeling that I’m going to turn on the tv and see Jack Layton doing some kind of weekend at bernies skit on power and politics or something.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Keeping Jacks dream alive !!!

  4. Hans Says:

    You mean to say that they guy who brought down the Adscammer LIEberal party is now going to be remembered by ‘money laundering’?

    Say it ain’t so Dean!!

    I think this might qualify as more than a “double dip” – but rather a “triple dog dare you dip”.


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  5. Mary T Says:

    Were Elections Canada to receive a complaint about this process, it would be referred to the Commissioner of Canada Elections (William Corbett of in-and-out fame, for it is he!) to investigate.
    Guess we better get those complaints in to the Commissioner. Maybe he could get a cbc camera crew on site to raid ndp offices.

    • Jen Says:

      EC can’t even collect the loans from some of the liberals mps and it is the ndp they are going to go after; especially when ndp and libs and the bloc signed a coalition agreement (which frankly is still alive)-not a chance.

  6. Mary T Says:

    To those saying the conservatives did it, they are wrong. The rules the conservatives used were legal at the time and EC made the new rules they put in place recto active to the previous election. Seems Brad has stated that they misspoke re these donations.
    I guess the ndp thought with the outpouring of grief they could pull this scam and no one would question them. Same with that letter, there is no photo of Jack that day writting it, and wouldn’t he have insisted on coverage. Guess the dream Nycole wants to keep alive is not Jack’s, but the backroom boys. And if Jack was the ndp, and he is gone, why vote ndp again as he can’t be replaced. Evan says so.

  7. Alain Says:

    It just keeps getting better and better with the NDP now pimping Jack’s death.

  8. robins111 Says:

    Alain, I keep thinking they should stuff him like Lenin or Mao and charge admittance..

  9. Mary T Says:

    From the National Post,
    He cared about all Canadians, regardless of political stripe’
    If that is true, why ask for donations to an ndp think tank. That think tank is not for all Canadians.
    Big goof by whoever made this decision.
    So far 125,000 has been donated, will that money go to pay the new Executive Directors wages. Her name is Monk.

  10. james Says:

    Isn’t she supposed to at least pretend to be objective?

  11. dmorris Says:

    “Our legal advice is that this is completely permissible under all the rules of governance, so we’re pleased to do it and to fulfill a wish of Jack’s”

    So, who gives them their “legal advice”? The janitor at Dipper HQ?

    And I took them at their word! I feel shame.

  12. J Says:

    Thank god for sun news otherwise this story never would have seen the light of day, Unless of course it was the Conservatives who were involved in this scam, then we would be hearing about it from the $tate broadca$ter and the other Leftist media organizations for months and months to come.

  13. Alan Says:

    I’m pretty sure, actually almost positive that Kady O’Malley and the CBC called the Conservative In-n-Out scandal a simple ‘kerfuffle’ – that it was all just a simple ‘oops’ misunderstanding that would quickly be ironed-out and rectified.

    Side note – did O’Malley “LiveBlog” Jack’s funeral from the comfort of her couch in Ottawa, watching the TV?

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