Elections Canada “looking into” NDP’s illegal Broadbent Institute donations

Elections Canada has now acknowledged that they are aware of my complaint about the NDP collecting donations for the Broadbent Institute are investigating:

File # E11-511

Mr. Skoreyko:

Thank you for your email of August 29, 2011 concerning donations to the Broadbent Institute.  This Office is looking into the matter.

Yours truly,

The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections

12 Responses to “Elections Canada “looking into” NDP’s illegal Broadbent Institute donations”

  1. E Mac Says:

    With any luck we shall be hearing the outcome in short notice as this is not “rocket science.”
    Will it be watered down so as to appear like nothing?
    I wait patiently while bureaucratic paupers attempt to disseminate information of which they have no real knack for accomplishing in this lifetime!
    Unfortunately, the white-wash is about to show its ugly face again.
    Such is the life of EC.

  2. Susan Says:

    In leiu of flowers or donations to the Cdn Cancer Society please expect a 75% refund on your donation to the NDP think tank…..er sorry…BCBlue please accept out thanks.

    Excellent work you “lowly blogger” you. Any journalists out there doing anything? Anything at all?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Thank you…not one that I know of. Only a couple have touched it so far and their angle has been to acknowledge it then say the NDP made a mistake and everyone should just move on.

  3. Kate Says:

    I received several reader donations “in Memory of Jack”. After all – if the left can troll his corpse behind the boat looking for bites, why not the right?

  4. Clown Party Says:

    I wonder if CBC will be there with their cameras as they go to their headquarters and take boxes out of their records of donations?

    Jack dies and the Non Democradic Party say; “Hell(o), Oh, we are sorry we made a mistake. Please treat us like the LIEberals … after all many still owe Elections Canada thousands of dollars – that you do not care about. If you do, then we will demand that your union can hire more useless civial servants, so you can find something wrong with the Cons.”

  5. Whatever Jack Says:

    I think the NDP should have offered a charity alternative. If they were truly concerned with Jack Layton’s legacy and the betterment of society – they could have had organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, etc – which would have more universal appeal. Instead of using the man’s death as a last chance self serving opportunity – they could have truly brought in more donations that assisted in a more practical way – more people in genuine need. While early last week I was feeling sad and shocked – this week I am quite disgusted by the cheap way to leverage the man’s death.

    • Clown Party Says:

      I agree with you completely on this. I think there would have been more respect for the NDP if such a guesture was made – even I would have been impressed – and this occasion would not have been a fund raiser/political rally for the NDP.

      I fear what will happen when one of the former LIEberal Prime Ministers dies … I hope they learn from mistakes of Jack’s “celebration of life.”

  6. Jen Says:

    Here you have info on the NDP so call donations and EC is thinking whether to investigate or let it die as the days go by (brush it under the carpet)……just exactly as they did with the liberal mps who still owe loans.

    Mind you, EC wasted no time in going after the conservatives with lights cameras and action. on infomation no one reported on.

    EC cannot do anything to the NDP without first tackling the liberals who still owe loans to EC.

  7. Liz J Says:

    What’s the penalty that would be meted out by EC to the also-rans for the Liberal leadership ? Is there any time limit at all or is it a case of extending it to eternity or until everyone forgets about it?

  8. Thucydides Says:

    Given the blzing speed EC is going after Liberal illegal campaign contributions (which is what the non payment of loans amounts to), I’m sure they will have some sort of answer ready in 2111 or so….

    The only investigation going faster seems to be the ADSCAM investigations, which have netted something like one person being charged and $40 million still unaccounted for.

    Where is our legacy media and investigative journalists on that story?

  9. Update on NDP’s money laundering scheme via Broadbent Institute « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Sept 29th, I emailed Elections Canada asking what the status was on my official complaint filed against the NDP for breaking Section 405.21 of the Election Act (see here) and received this […]

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