NDP pulls MP’s immigration pension motion citing “error in submission”

In a stunning climb down from the ridiculous motion she tabled to allow immigrants to collect a Canada pension after living here a short time, NDP MP Libby Davies’ motion has been withdrawn with a statement claiming it was all a mistake:

“New Democrats believe in a fair pension policy for all Canadians, including immigrants, a policy which lifts Canada’s seniors out of poverty. Unfortunately, the Harper Conservatives continue to believe it is acceptable for some Canadian seniors to live in poverty.

An increase in OAS/GIS benefits would help seniors, especially women, because of their low benefits from work-force participation-based pension plans. This also stimulates the economy, as it is targeted at low-income individuals.

As for motion 141, this was submitted in error and Libby Davies (Vancouver East) is withdrawing it.” (see here)

Wow, love to hear how a such long-time MP like Davies’ accidentally submitted a motion to the House of Commons.

Will the Ottawa Press gallery members find out for us? I won’t hold my breath though as only 1 media outlet even bothered reporting on it yesterday.

15 Responses to “NDP pulls MP’s immigration pension motion citing “error in submission””

  1. Mary T Says:

    Didn’t take long for things to go to the dogs with this leadership party. Guess Jack was the glue that held it together.
    CBC just reporting that Mulcair will be first out of the gate, and also that the entry fee will be quite steep, to weed out wannabes.

  2. JImmy Says:

    Nice pic (I think?)
    The dips press release makes no mention of the real issue, giving pensions to immigrants who did not contribute to the fund.
    So, what is the appropriate time to take Jack off the dips web site?. It’s still all Jack all the time.

    Can’t wait for Team Mulcair!

  3. to the point Says:

    Good lets hope there are no other attempts at giving free rides on the backs of Canadians that have contributed all their lives. They should be considered first and until their needs are met future benefits to others should be curtailed. Charity is a good thing but not when it is unaffordable.

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  5. Jen Says:

    O/T, didn’t BOB RAE in his recent bus tour mention anything about a merger between the ndp and lib. I am positive that he mention it but I could be wrong.

  6. WCT Says:

    when my mother passed away I applied for the CPP death benefit -$2500 – and found out that there wasn’t any money because she had never contributed – a stay at home mom. During WWII she volunteered as a Red Cross nurses aide, lots of other volunteer “work” as well. I say NO to getting any benefits unless paid into!!

  7. dillon Says:

    Her days are numbered . Sha will be Mulcair.s first target in the fight for power.Good on you for picking this up.

  8. Liz J Says:

    As they say in Newfoundland, Lard Tunderin’ Jezus, has someone had too much orange crush and turned into a bowl of jelly? That picture should be condemned.

    Mulcair is the best they’ve got? I note he’s pretty coy, letting on he’s been “considering” running for the leadership. Yeah, right, I don’t buy it, he’s salivating to get it.

  9. John Buckham Says:

    Before all of us conservatives get self righteous lets remember what the Harper Government did in regards to veterans. Foreign allied veterans of WW1, WW2 and Korea without a single day of service in a Canadian uniform are eligible for the War Veterans Allowance. So you can have a soviet veteran who eligible for a Canadian tax payer funded allowance if they meet residency requirements. So what is the difference between this Conservative policy and the NDP’s?

    Look under service requirements:

  10. wallyj Says:

    Why are all the pretty ones so stupid?

  11. Shawn Says:

    Once again Libby steps in it. Says more about the donkeys in her riding who continue to vote that nutter in. I used to live in that riding, and it’s a ******** filled with leftist idiots, junkies & recovering junkies.

    • Jen Says:

      Well I am not surprised Shawn…..no wonder she says what she says.
      If any reasonable person heard her appeal to such a thing they would have thought right away ‘redistribution’ of one’s pension(partial) to accommodate another.

  12. Please, please Libby… I’m begging you to run for NDP leader « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

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  13. DaninVan Says:

    “NDP pulls MP’s immigration pension motion citing “error in submission””

    Make that ‘error in judgement’.

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