Cigarette bribing Liberal also caught wishing she used bribe money to win election

It just gets worse for Ontario Liberal Party operational vice-president Nikki Holland who was caught on tape telling Liberal partisans about handing out cigarettes to homeless in exchange for votes.

The Sun also has a recording of her lamenting that she didn’t use the extra money she had to left in the bank to buy 346 people’s votes for $100 each in the riding of Thornhill Ontario. (listen here 3:00 min mark)

Update: Mark Bonokoski reports that less than an hour after his segment aired, Holland handed in her resignation.

Liberals want smokers but not dopers to pay more for medical

Health Minister Mike de Jong’s brain puff of charging smokers more to access health care is a perfect example of the idiocy of Liberal nanny statism hidden as public policy.

“As a non-smoker, why am I paying the same health insurance premiums as someone who is engaging purposely in a behaviour that we know is going to cost more down the road?” (see here)

This ridiculous argument could be used for any other life-style choice people make. The list is endless: Coffee, pop, potato chips, candy, state-sold alcoholic beverages and while we are at it, let’s also add heroin as injectable drugs are in the news today.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the supervised injection site is a provincial health responsibility and that the Feds have to leave it alone regardless if it breaks any laws.

The BC Ministry of Health, under the direction of de Jong funds this program so I’ll assume he will be asking drug users (who aren’t paying special sin taxes like cigarette smokers are) to either cough up the extra fees or be cut off from it all together.

Meanwhile the Liberals are handing out cigarettes as bribes to the homeless in Ontario. (see here)

Ont Liberal Operations VP caught on tape bribing homeless with cigarettes

The Sun has the recording of Ontario Liberal Party operational vice-president Nikki Holland bragging to a group of Liberal partisans about giving out cigarettes in exchange for votes at a Toronto shelter:

“I have done crazy things. Like…and if anyone repeats this I’ll deny it (until) the cows come home…I have gone to a shelter in the riding of St. Paul’s with a carton of smokes and said, ‘I’ll give you them after you vote.” I have done that…but they were already smokers…” (listen here)

Notice in the recording the applause and amusement from the Liberals in the audience.

And Holland’s response when confronted:

“I repeated stories I have heard about the NDP election day tactics, and Brian Mulroney’s leadership tactics and pretended they were my own”

And from an unnamed Liberal spokesman:

“We’ve heard of many dirty tricks by the NDP and Conservatives, but that’s not how the Ontario Liberal Party operates”

Absolutely no shame ever shown by a Liberal when caught.

Also: Check out Holland’s bio which shows her very deep Liberal connections here

How dare Harper defend our flag!

Kelly McParland in the National Post slaps down the idiotic NDP, Liberal and media’s ranting about the Conservative government’s attempt at installing some pride back into the collective psyche of Canadians over a private members bill on legal protection of flying our national flag. (see here)

Bob Rae doesn’t get the irony of bashing something the Liberals created under Lester Pearson although you can forgive him as his roots in that party aren’t nearly deep enough to appreciate who he’s offending within not to mention us voters.

Also: Picture above is a Tweet from Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette appointed by Chretien who has her tin-foil hat on very tight.


Liberal MPs don’t like democracy when it comes to Canada-Israel Friendship Group

Another example of why the Liberals have fallen to 3rd party status is this story about whining Liberal MPs Carolyn Bennett, Bob Rae and Marc Garneau over not being elected to the parliamentary Canada-Israel Friendship Group.

Even though only 3 Liberal MPs bothered to show up for this group’s election of the executive committee compared to over 50 Conservative MPs, they felt it was there right to be appointed regardless of how many votes received:

Garneau – “If you take a quick look at the elected people, you might be forgiven for thinking that only Conservatives care about Canada-Israel relations

Bennett – “I was quite surprised by this juggernaut approach to taking over 100% of the executive positions on what is supposed to be a parliamentary friendship group. In the Liberal government, it was viewed the more the merrier.

Rae – “These guys are ready to turn everything into a partisan issue.”

The Liberals still don’t get it…the days of being “Canada’s natural governing party” are over but the old guard don’t like or know how to work for it and haven’t come to grips that everything won’t go their way by default anymore. (see here)

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