Con MP will keep Parliamentary Secretary job after sending flirty emails to Commie journo

Conservative MP Bob Dechert’s bizarre apology for sending love emails to a journalist from the official Chinese government news agency Xinhua doesn’t cut it:

“The person is a journalist whom I have come to know as a friend. I met her while doing Chinese-language media communications”  

“My understanding is that her emails were hacked as part of an ongoing domestic dispute. These emails are flirtatious, but the friendship remained innocent and simply that — a friendship.

“I apologize for any harm caused to anyone by this situation.”

Nor does it excuse the Conservatives for accepting it:

Andrew MacDougall, associate director of communications for the Prime Minister’s Office:

“Mr. Dechert has denied any inappropriate behaviour. We have no information to suggest otherwise.”

It’s bad enough that this MP embarrassed Canada and potentially put himself at risk of espionage and extortion but think about his poor wife after she read her husband’s emails to his girlfriend in the media:

“You are so beautiful. I really like the picture of you by the water with your cheeks puffed. That look is so cute, I love it when you do that. Now, I miss you even more.”

“I enjoyed the drive by thinking of you.”

 “We will be voting at 6:30 p.m. If you have time, watch on TV or on your computer (on the CPAC website) and I will smile at you.”

“I miss you. Love, Bob”

Real “innocent friendship”… if Dechert didn’t have the fortitude to admit he made a huge mistake and resign, then Harper should have made that insistence. (see here)

Oh, and Karl Belanger, senior press secretary for the NDP should maybe shut his pie hole unless he wants to talk about a certain visit to a whore house.


16 Responses to “Con MP will keep Parliamentary Secretary job after sending flirty emails to Commie journo”

  1. hollinm Says:

    My understanding is the MP was responsible for foreign affairs in North America and not Asia. This is really a problem between him, his wife and his family. That’s the really serious issue. I take the government at its word that he had no information that could compromise him with the Chinese. Its embarassing but hardly the end of the world. He did not embarass Canada. This is simply spin by the media. I would be surprised if any Canadian new he was an MP let alone Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Doesn’t matter which area he was responsible for. He has shown very poor judgement and should be removed.

      • John Buckham Says:

        I am assuming by hollinm’s comments that China has no interest in the foreign affairs between Canada and the rest of North America. They are not interested in any ongoing negotations, trade agreements and so on. That the PRC is only interested in keeping to their knitting. Let’s not forget that China is actively pursuing the building of a deep sea navy, they are actively pursuing building an aircraft carrier, actively pursuing stealth technology, actively supplying arms to Robert Mugabe, providing military and internal security advisors to Zimbabwe, supplying arms to South Africa, attempting to exert their influence over the Nutana Oil Fields, and actively engaged in industrial espionage against the west, and has recently engaged in joint military exercises with Russia. But to name some of their transgressions. The PRC simply put is not a friend of the west, they are not a different form of western capitalism, they are an overt threat to western democracies and Mr. Dechert as a member of the government caucus should know this.

  2. Adrian Says:

    I don’t really know what the big deal is. This sort of thing happens all the time.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Parliamentary Secretaries having relationships with a Chinese state-run media journo? Imagine Conservative partisans howling if this was a Liberal PS

  3. Chris Says:

    Quite obviously the dork has ethical and commitment issues. If he can;t sort out his private life and exercise some proper discretion, what makes everyone think he can do so when national interests are involved. The answer is he can’t and had already proven he can’t. That he think Chinese e-mail servers are secure proves he’s an idiot. He should lose his job and retire to the very back bench as untrustworthy, commie-loving, cheating loser. Some people only get their ten minutes of fame and they blow it. too bad so sad. The PM should move on and call for the next in line to try.

  4. Liz J Says:

    It’s simply juvenile and stupid behaviour at least. He shows a lack of judgment indulging in a behaviour we don’t expect from mature people serving in the government of the country. That, and the damage it is to his personal life aside, how can anyone reach his level in life today and not know the internet is not private?

    The whole thing is odd, he was out of order getting his jollies engaging in internet “flirting”.
    Why did a “Commie journo” have her email account hacked is another question? Whodunnit and why?

    He isn’t really fit to be in any Cabinet post, we deserve better.

  5. Davide Says:

    Chinese emails usually all point to the same address, sort of like a proxy. This email is scrutinized, possibly edited, sensitive portions removed, and then forwarded to the destination.

    By a senior party member, most likely male.

    It was a dumb thing to do, but to remove someone from office for sending a flirty email seems a little harsh, I’d give it about a 3 on the stupid scale but only because it was international. It’s not like he sent pictures of his weiner or released secrets or stole money…

    • BC Blue Says:

      Very naive… Xinhua is one of the Chinese government’s main news outlets and propaganda arms

      • BC Blue Says:

        David Harris, a terrorism expert and former chief of strategic planning for CSIS , Canada’s intelligence agency:

        “We know that political, industrial, and other personalities must be on their guard against the long-recognized Chinese government’s use of attractive men and women to compromise, pressure, and otherwise manipulate them,”

        “If there should be a credible suggestion of improper proximity of a government official, whether bureaucratic or political, with an associate or employee of Xinhua, this would be a matter demanding vigorous investigation by our authorities.”

        • Liz J Says:

          What’s so damning in all this is the response to this from our government’s hierarchy. I think/I hope when the PM has time to reflect on this he will take serious action on this insidious stupidity. It reflects on his judgment as well. We don’t need any dopes or testosterone driven or mid-life crises driven people falling for bait from Commie China. That’s not the stuff we need serving us in the government of the nation.

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