BC Cons shoot themselves in foot by electing religious extremist President

I can’t express my disappointment strong enough at how the BC Conservative Party keeps proving they aren’t ready for the big leagues.

It has just been announced that they have elected Pastor Reed Elley as their president who is well-known for his extreme views such as this gem:

“Only Christian leaders will be able to fulfill God’s plan for this country.”

The fix was in from the start as the party brass held this weekend’s AGM in Elley’s riding in Nanaimo so they will have to wear this huge mistake of being directly associated and led by someone who doesn’t represent mainstream voters as it allows the Liberals and media enemies to re-paint them as extremists.

This will also put their leader John Cummins’ previous comments (see here) about homosexuality back on the table as Elley’s Hansard recorded statements while he sat with Cummins in caucus will be used to tarnish the entire party as blogger Alex Tsakumis warned here.

It is so sad to watch a once-in-a-political-life opportunity repeatedly being squandered.


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  1. Alain Says:

    I agree and it is a bloody shame. In BC we are in dire need of an alternative to the NDP and the Liberals; both left of centre.

  2. Dillon Says:

    Sometimes its more important to have principles than do the politically correct thing.

  3. Liz J Says:

    I’m far away from BC politics but isn’t this sort of thing what the Conservative movement has been trying to shuck?

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    So where do we go from here, I was hoping for a Conservative Party that I could get behind, work with and give BC voters a choice.
    So what the hell have we here?
    John 11:35
    no cheer at my house

    • Cytotoxic Says:

      Just hope the Libertarians are running in your riding.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’m out of answers on that one. My last hope was the group around Cummins would make sure he didn’t surround himself with the Reed Elley types but they’ve proven to be over-rated and full of themselves with no clue how to build a party.

      They don’t think they need any help as I’ve repeatedly offered my assistance to only be rebuffed, ignored, talked-down to or berated depending… I’m done trying.

  5. ohboy Says:

    This IS a disappointment.

  6. bmatkin Says:

    Wow is this a conservative site or a circular firing squad? Let’s just supply ammo for Christy to fling at us and forget that we even have a BC conservative party.
    Didn’t any of you whiners get to work to get someone you like for the job? None of you email Cummins to express your concerns?
    Then shut the pie hole and get on the program or join the Liberals.
    May I suggest to you that if you listen to what Christy is saying and listen to the Liberal ads, Cummins has already had a big factor in her policy changes. Manning had to go through the growing period as well as Harper. A really decent professional party takes years to develop. In the meantime Chretien adopted a lot of Manning’s ideas and we are better off.
    So, again, shut the trap and get off your butt.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Ya, great advice…just keep allowing stupidity and never challenge it if it comes from someone labelled Conservative. Give your head a shake.

      • bmatkin Says:

        If I wanted to call you some sort of name, I’d do it privately. You want to go after the conservatives for being socially conservative, or whatever you think the problem is, why not do it in private?
        Is this a neo-con site or what is it?
        I thought it was a site for all conservatives including social and fiscal types. You just want to be a fiscal conservative, then you end up with nothing because the only value you ascribe to is money.
        Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought conservatives had firm rooted values of thrift, family, work ethics, charity, honor and loyalty etc. Most of these values are not fiscal. Most of these values are shared between all great major religions and a lot of atheists.
        So, when I hear nonsense about fiscal conservatives hating social conservatives I just see a giant flip flop and someone without basic western values.
        That would be you BC Blue??
        You’d better explain this one fully, I’m on the cusp of thinking you’re the enemy.
        What conservatism do you preach, Rev. Blue??

    • james Says:

      The “ammo” will be supplied by the BC Conservative party itself. Going so-con is a sure fire way to lose an election. Most people agree with fiscal conservative values myself included.

  7. dillon Says:

    Wake up and smell the roses. Politics has nothing to do with Religion. Religion is private and there is no right or wrong beliefs. They are just that,beliefs.Believe whatever you want. Just keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t shove them in my face if I dont agree. Get off your ass and try to get your beliefs adopted by the party of your choice. Dont whine and criticize others for doing the same thing.

  8. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    One step forward, two steps back…

    Christy Cluck will win the next election now. Red Tories and Blue Grits will have to vote for her to keep the NDP out. Either that, or stay home on election day. Either way, she wins.

    It doesn’t matter what policies the BC Tories adopt. What matters is the PERCEPTION that they are a right-wing religious party because of Mr. Elley’s previous comments made as recently as THIS YEAR.

    And for those who say party president is merrily administrative…ask the BC NDP how they are doing with Moe Sihota as prez!

  9. Johnny Says:

    Jeez, I am moving to BC soon and was looking forward to getting involved with the BC Conservatives. I guess I will have to rethink that. Religion has no place in a political party.

  10. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    I really regret voting BC Liberal all those elections believing they were the “free-enterprise coalition”. They turned out to be corporatist extremists, using taxes and fees from middle class consumers to pay for corporate welfare and deregulation for their corporate supporters.

    I may vote BC Tory just as a protest. If they run a candidate in my riding. Or I may stay home. Or if the NDP run a good candidate, I may (shudder!!) vote (shudder!!) for them for the first time (shudder!!).

  11. BC Cons Cummins needs Politics 101 lesson on how not to blow a great day « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] by setting up former Reform MP and hard-core social conservative Reed Elley as party president (see here),  the media looked the other way and until Elley runs as a candidate, or says something stupid […]

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