Keystone pipeline protest turns out to be massive failure

Even with the media coverage given to this fund-raiser dressed up as a protest, the organizers who were calling it beforehand “the largest civil disobedience action in the history of Canada’s climate movement” only managed to get out a few hundred including people like this idiot, Don Lerouix:

“Climate change and peak oil together is a cliff, we are driving towards that cliff, Stephen Harper is the dad in the front seat beating the crap out of the kids in the back”

“All of the politicians aren’t imaginative and believe in capitalism, which is the problem” 

My favourite line about this fool:

“He took the day off from his community organizer job in Kingston, Ont.” (see here)

Of course the media like the CBC who carried a live feed (I’m sure they will do same with the next anti-abortion protest) to create more of a story as pseudo left-wing celebrities like Maude Barlow pleaded with the police to arrest them.

But even with all the media help, it was a still a huge, huge bomb.


NDP Immigration Critic wants Cheney banned from Canada

I’m no fan of ex-US VP Dick Cheney by any means but if nutbar NDP MP Don Davies wants him charged with war-crimes, then he should lobby the NDP icon Barack Obama to have Cheney indicted or shut up.

And this calling out Immigration Minister Jason Kenney out to “debate” torture and war crimes couldn’t make the NDP look any less ready to eventually govern.

Leading the pack is NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies and her rabid anti-Israeli life-partner.

Their track record of wailing against US Republicans while sucking up to dictators with brutal human rights records displays their willingness to overlook true atrocities just to appease their crazy membership-base.





CTV pimps Saudi Arabia’s phony election

With CTV bending to Saudi legal pressure and pulling the ad followed then by news anchor Jacqueline Milczarek’s sneering comment that Canada is not any more ethical than the Saudis and her very lame attempt at deflecting, has put its relationship with the Saudi government in question.

First, check out this story about the Saudis holding an election for the first time allowing women to vote and this quote from the Saudi King Abdullah was used:

“We refuse to marginalize the role of women in Saudi society and in every aspect, within the rules of Sharia”

Oh please…You’ll notice that there is no mention by CTV that this new government body has no real legislative power and that only 28% of the people bothered voting in this phony election.

Now take a look at Ezra Levant’s column from today:

“CTV is also owned by Bell Canada, which has done an enormous amount of work in Saudi Arabia, building their telephone infrastructure. Did the Saudi sheiks pressure Bell Canada to shut up their CTV television station? I asked CTV’s spokesman and he wrote back to me. He didn’t confirm it — but he didn’t deny it, either.”

Surely CTV wouldn’t run glowing news stories and pull an ad critical of the Saudi government to help keep their parent company in the good books of this dictatorship right?

BC Cons shoot themselves in foot by electing religious extremist President

I can’t express my disappointment strong enough at how the BC Conservative Party keeps proving they aren’t ready for the big leagues.

It has just been announced that they have elected Pastor Reed Elley as their president who is well-known for his extreme views such as this gem:

“Only Christian leaders will be able to fulfill God’s plan for this country.”

The fix was in from the start as the party brass held this weekend’s AGM in Elley’s riding in Nanaimo so they will have to wear this huge mistake of being directly associated and led by someone who doesn’t represent mainstream voters as it allows the Liberals and media enemies to re-paint them as extremists.

This will also put their leader John Cummins’ previous comments (see here) about homosexuality back on the table as Elley’s Hansard recorded statements while he sat with Cummins in caucus will be used to tarnish the entire party as blogger Alex Tsakumis warned here.

It is so sad to watch a once-in-a-political-life opportunity repeatedly being squandered.

CTV news anchor digs herself deeper on Saudi/Canada ethical comparison

In trying to do some damage control, CTV news anchor Jacqueline Milczarek doesn’t do herself any favours with this excuse for her sneeringly asking:

“Are we [Canada] really more ethical than the Saudis?” (see video here)

Here is her Tweet trying to explain that rhetorical question:

There are so many things wrong with this statement but Milczarek might first want to explain which dictators “we” supported as she is now inferring Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Pierre Trudeau were complicit in human rights violations, murder and corruption.

Does Milczarek really want to go down this road? I for one would love for her to do so and would urge her to set up a TV panel to discuss Canada’s previous support of dictators.

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