Liberal MP uses disgusting sexual phrase “golden shower”

The Parliamentary language fell to an all-time low yesterday when Liberal MP Scott Brison said this to Minister John Baird over the idiotic issue of business cards:

“When Canadians are struggling just to get by, why are Conservative ministers showering each other with gold? Why the golden showers?”

And how did the Ottawa Press Gallery react to this shocking reference to the sexual practice of urinating on a partner for sexual gratification or for sexual humiliation?

Here’s how a couple of them responded back to me when I Tweeted about it:

Dale Smith who lists himself as Journalist in the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery – @bcbluecon Dude, seriously. It was a joke. Get over it.

Paul Macleod Ottawa Bureau Chief Halifax Chronicle – @bcbluecon I’m with @journo_dale, it was funny. Let’s not all kill ourselves with seriousness here.

The Star’s Tonda MacCharles was the only journo I have found that tracked down Brison for an explanation to which he clearly lies about having any knowledge that it was sexually related:

‘Brison later denied any inappropriate language.’

“They’re showering gold on each other,” he repeated. “I think it’s inappropriate.”

‘He said he “wasn’t aware of” the fact that the phrase has another meaning.’ (see here)

Just don’t expect the likes of Smith and Macleod to care unless of course it was a Conservative.

Why is Ottawa Citizen using CBC employees in feature?


The online editor for the Ottawa Citizen, Andrew Potter has a new feature called “Parliament goes rogue” which curiously has him playing BlackBerry with the CBC’s Scott Reid and Kady O’Malley (see here).

So, why is a Postmedia editor using his competition instead of in-house journos? Was there no one available or willing to work with him?

I wonder what those Postmedia employees who had their jobs cut recently think about Potter employing these two?

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that they wouldn’t find Scott Reid’s reply to me amusing though:

It certainly wouldn’t be what the Sun’s Brian Lilley was talking about with the cosy little relationship that has the Ottawa Press Gallery being bought-off by the CBC when he slapped-down Potter before right? (see here)

Note: Potter emailed me to get have the previous photograph removed from this post citing copyright infringement. The pic above is from the Citizen

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