Why is Ottawa Citizen using CBC employees in feature?


The online editor for the Ottawa Citizen, Andrew Potter has a new feature called “Parliament goes rogue” which curiously has him playing BlackBerry with the CBC’s Scott Reid and Kady O’Malley (see here).

So, why is a Postmedia editor using his competition instead of in-house journos? Was there no one available or willing to work with him?

I wonder what those Postmedia employees who had their jobs cut recently think about Potter employing these two?

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that they wouldn’t find Scott Reid’s reply to me amusing though:

It certainly wouldn’t be what the Sun’s Brian Lilley was talking about with the cosy little relationship that has the Ottawa Press Gallery being bought-off by the CBC when he slapped-down Potter before right? (see here)

Note: Potter emailed me to get have the previous photograph removed from this post citing copyright infringement. The pic above is from the Citizen


5 Responses to “Why is Ottawa Citizen using CBC employees in feature?”

  1. John Buckham Says:

    Some people just need a high five.

    In the face.

    With a chair.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Just received from Reid:

      “@bcbluecon @jandrewpotter @kady The haters keep me going. Have a great day and thanks for reading!”

  2. Adrian Says:

    Simple reason. Kady is one of Andrew’s best friends, they worked together at Macleans Magazine.

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