New BC Christy Party can’t hide its hatred of Conservatives

Michael Smyth of the Vancouver Province uses the Scorpion and the Frog fable as a metaphor of how Christy Clark can’t help herself but to bash the federal Conservative government as it’s part of her inherent nature as a hard-core Liberal.

Also, for the first time, someone in the BC MSM mentions the BC Liberal’s new party logo which stunningly incorporates Clark’s first name in it and I would like to ask readers to think of another example of this type of  egotistical cultish re-branding, as none to mind. (see here)

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  1. Jen Says:

    O/T, You know how proud the media is to keep this story quiet from the public well it aint quiet anymore. And do you know how the media like to dig into PMSH’s past and not at the liberals own: Look at the date and ask why haven’t we heard about it:

    Jean Chretien and Iraq: Yet more proof the Liberals stood for nothing

    Matt Gurney May 16, 2011 – 2:06 PM ET

    WikiLeaks has revealed more lies about the Iraq war, this time from the Canadian government. According to CBC News:

    [E]ven as [former prime minister Jean] Chretien told the Commons that Canada wouldn’t participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Canadian diplomats were secretly telling their U.S. counterparts something entirely different. … According to the U.S. account, [Canadian diplomat] James Wright “emphasized” that contrary to public statements by the prime minister, Canadian naval and air forces could be “discreetly” put to use during the pending U.S.-led assault on Iraq and its aftermath.

    Read more

  2. Jen Says:

    Chretien con the media left right and center. He must of realized since then that the msm are the most ‘dumbest’ people ever. He still treats them that way.

    Just today on Q/P, Kevin Newan had a report on what then Stephen Harper said in 2000, yet not a peep on this story. Man the media are pathetic.
    However, I do thank Matt Gurney for this article.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Anyone from BC not happy with their political scene should come to Ontario where there’ a good possibility the brain dead will re-elect the tax loving Green crazed McLiar. What will ensue after higher taxes will be visual pollution all over the place, weeds replacing grass on lawns and parks, road sides and fields, wind turbines galore and solar panels on roofs, fields and yards. Not to mention the allergies from all the weed infestations. Add to that electricity costs and heating costs will be taxed through the roof. Here we look to winter to get allergy relief and end up freezing in the dark because we can’t afford energy costs. However our government can sell off our “surplus” power for a bargain price.

  4. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    Funny how comments on some of your posts on British Columbia get turned to unrelated Ontario or federal matters… 🙂

    As for Clark’s anti-conservatism, this is not surprising. When she was on CKNW, she regularly bashed PM Harper and the Tories. She also called those who were against the HST, “the Taliban”. Good luck trying to find those comments of hers on CKNW’s audio archive now.

    I am definitely not surprised by her hijacking of the BC Liberal logo into the “BC Christy” party. She has an ego the size of the Titanic.

    I weep for my homeland.

  5. Sean M Says:

    It’s a sad reality that these federal “Liberals” have taken over the reigns of power at the Provincial level, whether it’s the Christy the clown “Liberals” in BC or the PC’s (“LIberals) in Alberta or the Mcliar “Liberals” in Ontariostan. The damage done by crooked, culture war loving federal “Liberals” at the Provincial level is, and will be, a continuing disaster for all these Provinces. Unfortunately, “Liberal” lefty lunacy is alive and well in the Provinces. I just hope people are wise enough to see through the lies of these sociopathic, nanny Statist federal “Liberals” before it’s too late. I will be voting for the BC Conservatives. The cult of Christy the clown politics in BC is nauseatingly pathetic.

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