Con MP’s bill to make it illegal to wear masks during riots

Here’s a piece of legislation from Conservative MP Blake Richards that you would think to be a no-brainer in getting passed.


“My bill would make it an offence to disguise one’s self in these events and will give police options to deal with those who fail to comply. It is a new tool to assist police in controlling unruly mobs and to help investigators identify offenders in the aftermath.” (see press release here)

Who thought it wasn’t already illegal?

Congrats Alberta, Toronto media declare you no longer to be redneck

You knew the breathless announcements of how fantastic it is that a ridiculously flawed leadership voting process produced a progressive Albertan premier would be immediate but the Globe and Mail wins the prize with this headline here.

Look for the Wildrose Alliance to take advantage of these media fawnings over the Progressive Conservative’s back-to-back default leadership winner and maybe send a thank you card to Joe Clark for this quote on his former employee’s win:

“I’ve always believed that Alberta is a progressive place and the people here want a progressive government.”

Another huge opportunity for Danielle Smith and the Wildrose.

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