Con MP’s bill to make it illegal to wear masks during riots

Here’s a piece of legislation from Conservative MP Blake Richards that you would think to be a no-brainer in getting passed.


“My bill would make it an offence to disguise one’s self in these events and will give police options to deal with those who fail to comply. It is a new tool to assist police in controlling unruly mobs and to help investigators identify offenders in the aftermath.” (see press release here)

Who thought it wasn’t already illegal?

7 Responses to “Con MP’s bill to make it illegal to wear masks during riots”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    I thought it was already illegal to conceal your identity while committing a crime.
    At any rate anyone who does so as they did at G8/G20 should be targeted, arrested and charged.
    There is no reason they could not be brought before a judge the next morning.
    I think it would be very effective, these clowns in their “Ninja-pajamas” are costing us a lot of money.
    Anyone who masks up should get the dye treatment that would remove their anonymity.

  2. Shafia M Says:

    Well I guess the new “office of religious freedom” will have a few words to say about that once we begin protesting in our burkas. ; )

    • ohboy Says:

      Exactly…”lawful excuse” leaves a mighty wide corridor to ‘motor’ thru when one is contemplating unlawful behavior.

      This is setting up for a collision course with muliculturalism as the scapegoat of choice for those intent on wreaking havoc at select venues.

      What’s a riot cop supposed to do…ask to see ethnicity papers before detaining perpetrators.\

      This just shows that we need to go back and rethink multicultural inclusion before we start making grandiose exclusions whereby society expects the cops to be the facilitators of tolerance at an out of control gathering.

      This will be no more than the cutting off of the Hydra’s head…only to see two more appear at the stump.

      The idea is good but only if we make lawful expectations of public behavior level across the board.

    • GeeGee Says:

      Yes, but do you have “lawful excuse” to wear that burka? For example, are you a Muslim woman? Because if you aren’t a Muslim woman, the legitimacy of wearing a burka would probably go out the window pretty quickly. I think that’s the intent of the lawful excuse exemption here – that if you are a person busting stuff up in a riot but who legitimately wears a burka every day, that you’ll be charged for being part of a riot but not for wearing the burka since you would wear that anyway, riot or not.
      Maybe that will be the test – do you wear this face covering every day in your normal life when you’re not participating in a riot? If so, that’s probably lawful excuse for wearing one in a riot.
      As recent riots have shown, the instigators tend to be anit-capitalist, professional anarchists and such. The depend on pulling on their masks to avoid identification. And people kicking in windows tend to be drunk frat boys with their hockey jerseys pulled up over their faces. There’s probably not a lot of Muslim women in burkas included in their group.

  3. dmorris Says:

    “The bill exempts persons with “lawful excuse” for having their face covered.”

    Now, the government has to define “lawful excuse” unless they want lawyers to have even more fun than they already do with our laws. The definition shouldn’t take more than 1000 pages once lawyers get their hands on it.

    I’d suggest that wearing a paper dust mask is perfectly legal if you find the air quality in any Canadian city to be unacceptable,and if you don’t happen to have your dust mask with you,why,it has to be completely acceptable to pull your emergency balaclava down over your face,gotta protect those delicate lungs!

    This sounds like a good idea,but I can’t see how it can be enforced with any degree of reason.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Several western European democracies have banned facial obfuscation (i.e. nabik, burka) already. I support this legislation and am hopeful that it is a stepping stone towards fewer stonings. As Bob Dylan, the great semitic poet said, likely in reference to severe punishment for lifting the veil: everybody must get stoned.

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