Congrats Alberta, Toronto media declare you no longer to be redneck

You knew the breathless announcements of how fantastic it is that a ridiculously flawed leadership voting process produced a progressive Albertan premier would be immediate but the Globe and Mail wins the prize with this headline here.

Look for the Wildrose Alliance to take advantage of these media fawnings over the Progressive Conservative’s back-to-back default leadership winner and maybe send a thank you card to Joe Clark for this quote on his former employee’s win:

“I’ve always believed that Alberta is a progressive place and the people here want a progressive government.”

Another huge opportunity for Danielle Smith and the Wildrose.

7 Responses to “Congrats Alberta, Toronto media declare you no longer to be redneck”

  1. Mary T Says:

    The biggest challenge now for Danielle is to make sure she does not appear anywhere, public or private, unless she is a fashion stmt. Photographers will be out to get that picture of her with her hair messed, skirt askew, libstick uneven, or whatever.
    Perhaps she should get a campaign outfit and announce it. Remember when Judy went across Canada to sell the cpp, and was caught in the same outfit a couple of time. She retaliated with wearing the same outfit and saying it was her campaign attire. Worked for her.

  2. Mary T Says:

    Just remembered Judy’s last name, LaMarsh (sp)

  3. Bec Says:

    So now that it’s been confirmed for me that the Teacher’s are elated, WildRose has my help and committment.

    I have nothing against teachers, just unions that stick there nose into elections and Politicians that pander to them.

    But I had to laugh when I heard her interviewed on Rutherford. She’s a huge fan of PM Mulroney too (not just Joe Who) and THAT will sink her.

  4. Powell Lucas Says:

    If the press in Toronto is accepting of Alberta, that is the biggest insult ever hurled at this province.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It gets worse…

      @MargaretAtwood Margaret E. Atwood
      Congratulations to Alison Redford, surprising new Premier of Alberta! First @nenshi in Calgary, now ….

  5. Bec Says:

    Ya right, THEY want US to become THAT? It will not happen! The troops are regrouping and many of the main players from the Federal election have abandoned their traditional ships.

    It’s feeling good, very good with the same work horses NOT on the PC trail.

    We love a challenge in AB and we will defeat this mess!

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