Sun’s Lilley features my dust-up with Citizen’s Potter on his show Byline

After posting about the bizarreness of a Postmedia editor using two CBC employees instead of his co-workers (see here), I received an email from the Ottawa Citizen’s Andrew Potter asking me to take down the picture of him due to “copyright” infringement.

I don’t collect any money from advertising etc from my blog site and used a commonly found picture from the internet so I knew he was just being a jerk by asking me to take it down but I quickly did, replacing it with the one used by the Ottawa Citizen.

Potter emailed me back right away asking me again to take that one down as well to which I told him to get his legal department to contact me.

I won’t post the back-and-forth emails but Potter said he was happy to engage me in a discussion so I asked him to post his reasoning for hiring Scott Reid and Kady O’Malley which he not only declined but also called me a not-so-nice name.

As Brian Lilley mentions on his show, not only don’t these “Media Party” members not like to ever have to answer for their own actions, they will do what they can to stop from even being asked. (see video below at 2:10 min mark)

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