CP’s Ditchburn continues her cosy relationship with the CBC

The Canadian Press’ largest customer is the CBC, so you tell me if there is something fishy about Jennifer Ditchburn doing this interview with CBC president Hubert Lacroix a day before he is scheduled to appear in front of the Ethics Committee.

Lacroix’s sole whine during this “interview” is how unfairly the Sun media chain has treated his poor, poor beloved CBC:

“Every time they weaken us, every time they create doubt about us, every time they take dollars away from us or influence people to do that, they weaken the broadcaster to their advantage”

For more on Ditchburn’s relationship with the CBC, see my complaint letter filed here. I have had a responses back from the CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe and CP’s Editor-in-Chief Scott White which I will post tomorrow.

NDP MP with airbrushed cleavage gets all feminist about attention

NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan is finally heard from about her doctored official Parliamentary photo but only to play the gender card and refusing to say that she was the one who authorized the airbrushing.

From the Star: ‘She says that if the photo were of a man and his image had been tampered with, it likely wouldn’t be an issue.’

Ummm…what? If a male MP was caught airbrushing out his cleavage?!

And check out this quote from Sitsabaiesan:

Every time I stand up in the House of Commons and speak I look around and I can see it, this surprise that a young, attractive woman is saying something important and intelligent. Sometimes I get asked more about my lipstick rather than what’s coming out of my mouth” (see here)

Someone thinks quite highly of herself now doesn’t she and is she stating it’s men asking her about her lipstick colour choice?  I’d suggest that’s very unlikely so maybe she should bash those awful women who “objectify” her.

CAW Union economist calls Conservatives “dogs”

Jim Stanford from the Canadian Auto Workers Union looks to be getting very nervous about the private members bill on publicly opening his union’s financial statements saying that PM Stephen Harper is:

“Blowing a whistle that only the dogs can hear while allowing the leadership to stand back and look statesmanlike”

I mean, why wouldn’t Stanford like to show how open and honest the unions are with the way they spend their members’ dues if there is nothing to hide? (see here)

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