CAW Union economist calls Conservatives “dogs”

Jim Stanford from the Canadian Auto Workers Union looks to be getting very nervous about the private members bill on publicly opening his union’s financial statements saying that PM Stephen Harper is:

“Blowing a whistle that only the dogs can hear while allowing the leadership to stand back and look statesmanlike”

I mean, why wouldn’t Stanford like to show how open and honest the unions are with the way they spend their members’ dues if there is nothing to hide? (see here)


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  1. oxygentax Says:

    I think that the bill doesn’t go far enough – unions should be subject to the same restrictions as charities – file financial statements and allow them to be viewed by the public, no build up of funds for unspecified purposes and no political activities. If you ask me, the various Teacher’s Unions advertising against the PCs in Ontario should be allocated to the Liberals and the NDP and subjected to their election expense limits. Any overages should be deemed as violations of election law.

  2. wilson Says:

    Canadian Taxpayers bailed out the auto industry,
    those taxpayer $$$$ billions bought us the right to transparency and disclosure, imo.

    Union members have the right to know how their dues are being used.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Oh, so is he’s calling Conservatives dogs for wanting unions to be up front about what they’re doing with the funds taken from their membership? That’s pretty telling in itself.

    IMO the Conservative government should pass legislation making it illegal for unions to publicly support any political party, verbally or donating membership money to them. There will never be a better time or opportunity to put an end to this outrageous socialistic practice. This does not belong in a democracy. Those who belong to unions because they have to to have a job do not have a say about where their money goes in the political games played by union bosses.

    • Anonymous Says:

      And where do the unions get the money to pay to support political parties-non other from the ‘dues’ the workers have to pay out of their paychecks.

      Now, if a union worker want to support a political party of their choice be so at their own dime and not at the expense of the other little guys who work there.
      The NDP so call ‘call for the little guy’ is not the little guy per say, but for the big union bosses.

  4. E Mac Says:

    Who does this guy think he is – THE CBC?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Each province and the Federal Government should consider passing right to work legislation. Lets make the Unions optional so they can earn the trust and membership of their members rather than having them compelled to be members.

  6. Mary T Says:

    For something really scary re unions, visit to see what the SEIU is advocating.
    Unions and protesters want corporate greed to stop, profits to be smaller etc, but I have never heard them advocate for lower wages. And where do they think those wages come from, or welfare, or food stamps.

  7. Jen Says:

    Right now, ‘Maynard is being questioned re to the union sponserhip of the ndp spring 2011’

  8. Privatehm Says:

    I’m a member of the CAW and I know they just sent $30,000 to the BC NDP. No press release on that.

    • Jen Says:

      Out of curosity Privatehm, why are you mentioning this? I or shall I we, appreciate your respond.

      • Privatehm Says:

        It atracted my attention on the bulliten board at the Garage because “Bull***t was written across the letter with a felt pen. Never saw it again.

  9. Jen Says:

    Did the american unions give the ndp money to run their election campaign?

    If this was a conservative to recieve thousands of dollars from foreign unions to help me run my election LOOK OUT.
    Every camera lights rcmp media and what have you will be at my door.
    Pat Martin will be foaming at the mouth.

  10. Fay Says:

    The unions won the election for the NDP in Manitoba. They are openly congratulating themselves on every avenue of the media today. The media party appeared to be working hand and hand with the unions in this election. Only the Winnipeg Sun made any attempt to hold the NDP to account.

    • Jen Says:

      How much does the NDP owe the unions for their support?
      Obama got heavy dollars from the unions and they mean to get first priority over the rest, provided when USA recovers.

  11. Jen Says:

    BCBLUE. One of the commentors on this subject Private.. is very interesting and why there is no press release is more concerning.

  12. Joshua Says:

    Well at least i can actually choose who to vote for based on reality and my OWN money.Unions have grown fat and lazy and always vote left.Prove me wrong.And do it WITHOUT public funds.But thats ok keep taking and gorging yourselves at the public trough.When its all gone dont cry when cutbacks come.

    • Jen Says:

      I just can’t understand why the innocent souls who against their choice have to pay union dues and not know where their dues is being spent on.
      It would great for a union worker who has had enough of the secrecy demand to know the whereabouts their dues are being spend on.

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