Response from CBC Ombudsman on my Jennifer Ditchburn complaint

I post this below as the background to the CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn giving a very curious interview to the head of the CBC yesterday (see here)



Canadian Press: Patti Tasko Senior Supervising Editor, Scott White Editor-in-Chief

CBC Ombudsman: Kirk LaPointe

Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn and her conflict of interest with the CBC

In Jennifer Ditchburn’s article “CBC contributes $3.7B in gross value to Canadian economy: report” she fails to disclose her own relationship as a paid panellist for such CBC shows as “At Issue” and “Power and Politics” thus leaving her readers without any knowledge of her potential bias.

My complaint is two-part:

1)      What is the policy of Canadian Press on full disclosure in the matters of financial relationships in which your journalists are involved?

2)      Did Ditchburn get “fed” this self-serving CBC story from a CBC employee with whom she has a conflicting relationship?

Please respond

Dean Skoreyko


Dear Mr. Skoreyko:

 The matter you raised strictly concerned The Canadian Press and its employee.
I am not in any position to comment.
Kirk LaPointe,
Ombudsman, CBC.
Mr LaPointe
Since I wrote you, it’s come to my attention that CBC President Hubert Lacroix held an invite-only conference call with a select journalists and others to release the report. No advisory was issued on the normal wire services to participate.

This looks to confirm what I had previously asked you:

2) Did Ditchburn get “fed” this self-serving CBC story from a CBC employee with whom she has a conflicting relationship?

This most certainly has to do with the CBC and its practises.

Dean Skoreyko
Mr. Skoreyko:
My mandate as Ombudsman is the review of the performance of CBC news and information programming in the context of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices policy. In short, it is about CBC’s journalism.
I am failing to see the connection between your concern and my mandate. I believe your query is best dealt with by The Canadian Press to deal with your concerns about one of its employees.
Kirk LaPointe,
Ombudsman, CBC.

More cleavage in news, this time Liberal premier’s


I honestly don’t give a rat’s patootie about the current hoopla over a the Tweet from ex-NDP MLA David Shreck flipping out over the sight of Christy Clark’s cleavage in the Legislature because of the pure hypocrisy on display.

I saw the Tweet yesterday before any of the media and Liberal’s started their predictable faux-outrage reaction to it (see here). My question is, where were all these Liberals and media when the women at Sun TV were called “skanks” by one of their peers and sneered at by others here, and here?

Kinda telling isn’t it?

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